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  1. A Huge Thanks !

    I wanted to say thank you to the entire Huddle staff, writers and message board members. I found this site 3 seasons ago and its helped me place 2nd ($800) 3 years ago, a 3rd and a Championship ($1500 total) last year, and a Championship ($1800) this year and if I win next week a third place ($350) The website is easy to navigate, the info is great, and its pretty crazy how close the projections are sometimes. Anyway.... Thanks again to this great community!
  2. To Thank you. You have single handedly won me a Championship and $1700. Not only are you a great person and a role model that all professional athletes should hold themsleves to, but one of the best players of all time. Thank you again and may the football Gods watch over you for all time.
  3. LT. Never once did he say "me" or "i'm"

    He is the man in many ways... He also just won me a championship and $1700. He is amazing!!
  4. The Second Guessing Begins

    Betts should have a good game against Philly. Chester has Pinner on the bench ready to go. Chester is a better runner, but Betts might be a better start
  5. Championship game performance league

    Its tough to sit Taylor, but I think the O-line for ARZ is playing well and James it hot. I go James
  6. WDIS @ RB

    I think Green is going to have 150 yards and at least 1 TD this week... Green gets the nod
  7. WDIS - Help Help Help!

    I think Chester will play. I would start Chester
  8. WDIS at QB

    I think Romo is a much better start. Det is going to pass alot and its either going to pay off, or it will back fire. I want Kitna to have a great day because I have Williams, but I think Romo will have a great day in ATL
  9. WDIS S. Morris or MJ DRew?

    Drew has been on fire, but Buf is pretty weak against the run. I might go with Sammy
  10. J. Lewis VS M. Barber III

    I'm leaning towards Lewis...Is that where everyone else is?
  11. I started Barber over Lewis last week and it cost me the guarantee for first (No playoffs) I am 2 games up with 2 weeks left (Dont play during week 17) Do I stick with Barber III, or play it safe with Jamal? Peformance scoring. Bonuses over 100, 150, and 200 yards rushing, and the longer the td, the more points... I also have McGahee, but he wasnt even in the picture, because of how well MIA is playing WHats the word?? Thanks!
  12. QB Help! Romo or ELi?

    How can you not start Romo?? Eli has had 2 ok games after 6 horrible games... Romo tools are pretty strong
  13. Who is most likely to win?

    ttt one more time
  14. Barber III killed me last week?

    ttt one mor time
  15. Gore or Rudi

    How do you sit Gore, when he had 212 yards against them last time. Seatle wont be able to stop Gore