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  1. What if...

  2. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Could it be he had a story to tell and got a deal?
  3. Vick Indicted

    I guess you've never heard Vick give an interview or speak publicly. The man is definitely not the brightest bulb in the box, if he wanted to fight a war of wits with anyone he'd be in a battle without any ammo. Would he be stupid enough to do something like this and not consider the consequences? OOOHHHHHHHHHHH yeah he would!
  4. Vick Indicted

    So, you're saying hunting and fishing are the same as dog fighting and can't discern the differences. I believe you need to educate yourself before posting such an ignorant statement.
  5. Vick Indicted

    I read this same statement (letter) in The Record in NJ this morning. While Goodell and Sharpton do align themselves with PETA they don't actually come out against anything Vick has been accused of, nor will Goodell suspend Vick before the outcome of the indictment and trial. This is what the article stated anyway. Blank has also taken the same stance according to the article. I wonder if Pacman would have anything to say of this? He hasn't been convicted of anything either.
  6. Vick Indicted

    Dukes, on NFL Network was saying that his concensus is that there are not many fans in Atlanta that think this is a big deal. (Vick's dog fighting) Dukes feels they will stand behind their big star and Vick is the most provocative player in the NFL. If this is the case, they deserve everything they get with Vick. How can you not be ticked-off that your so-called "star" put himself in the position Vick has done?
  7. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    This is ridiculous. There's a place and preference for both. I'm in leagues that auction and snake draft and to be honest, sometimes the auction gets a little boring if not kept rolling. There are strategies and head games to be played with both formats and I like them both. By the way, what does knowing anything about the game of football have to do with a snake or auction draft? I've seen people almost ignorant about football do fairly well drafting in both formats. One happens to be my wife.
  8. Hoboken Huddlers!

    Thats' where the my elbow rehab took place
  9. Hoboken Huddlers!

    I'm not very far but, I have spent some time rehabing my elbow in Hoboken.
  10. Brandon Jacobs

    Planning for Tiki and Jacobs are two different things, I'll give you that. One being easier than the other? Yeah, I guess you're right, if a defence is allowed to put up cement walls it'll be much easier. I think Jacobs will pan out to be a good back. My only question is endurance and that has yet to be determined. His couple of funbles, you needed to see the hits before you talk. He needs to carry the ball higher near the chest and that can be rectified. If he gets only five or six yards instead of 50, that's just fine. Second and five or four is just fine with me. Not sure but, I think he had one or two last year with Eli at the helm.
  11. Larry Johnson

    That's real hard to believe. You don't watch any football on TV? That is an NFL product and probably the most lucrative they have. Never had even a t-shirt of a team? Never went to an NFL game at a stadium. Getting the tickets for free means nothing; they were still paid for by someone. If yes to any of these questions, you're part of the problem just as we all are. FF also promotes much of this.
  12. Brandon Jacobs

    I don't think there's any question as to who will get the goal line carries. Why would anyone think it would be Droughns? With the success Jacobs has had, why would they consider anyone else. If nothing else, Jacobs has shown time after time he gets the couple yards you need at the goal line. As far as a #1 back, I'm in his corner and hope he does well but he does have something to prove in that dept.
  13. What's your favorite word?

  14. Current ADP - QBs

    I agree. The same arguments made for and against Big Ben can be made here and while the Steelers relied on the run while keeping Ben within his limits; they didn't have LT to dominate the game either.