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  1. WDIS Tiki or Carnell

    WDIS? Tiki Barber against Indy or Carnell Williams against Baltimore. Two good RB's against tough def's. My thought was bench Tiki since Indy should take the running game away from NY early, while the TB vs. Bal game may be a bit closer. But still unsure...would like other opinions. Thanks
  2. Who should I start?

    Should I go with Thomas Jones against the tougher Baltimore D or Antwon Smith against a crappy St. Louis D? Also which two of these WR would you start: Az-Zahir Hakim Keenan McCardell Eddie Kennison Robert Ferguson Yes I know I need help at the WR position. Thanks!
  3. Start Jones or Davis?

    Who should I start this week? Thomas Jones at home against Cinci or Steven Davis at Miami?