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  1. and how often is that?
  2. agreed! but you would think, w/ all the short passes to the T.E. bennett would be doing something?
  3. so, in other words we realy do know more than some coaches but the stuborn H.C. IS MORE BLIND THAN STEVEY WONDER?!?!?!
  4. am i the only one seeing this? let me know? i'm going to dump this b@$t@rd! he's taking up space!
  5. benett is killing me and i'm not about to wait for volek to come in for him to have a good season. i'm not cutting benett i'm just thinking of putting him on the bench. WOULD YOU START JUREVI OVER BENETT? standard scoring league thanx!
  6. S. DAVIS

    maybe coach fox's headset is tuned into the huddle.
  7. S. DAVIS

    not running on green bay is a cry for help!
  8. S. DAVIS

  9. S. DAVIS

    any info on him?
  10. Brock Forsey Waived

    yo duch, c'mon, i know you know better than to mix up lamar gordon( who the fins gave up a #3 for) with brock forsey (whom they p/up via the waiver wire from chi-town mid season past.). we're cool and all, but for mixing this up i'm starting to thing the only thing waisted right now is you.
  11. 1st round:Biggest bust vs Biggest star

    this one is special just for THEOHIOSTATE, and for dolphin fans biggest bust= eric kumerow (#1 pick miami '88' draft) what the hell was miami thinking? biggest star = d. marino (#1 pick 27th over all, 5th qb selected) hwat the hell was the rest of the n.f.l. thinking letting him fall that far? can we say arron rodgers?
  12. Clarrett to Denver in the Third Round!

    if anyone can turn him into a star (hate to say it) it's shanny.
  13. Draft Contest Winner!

    well, now i know who's advice i'm going to take. congrat's six kings

    who cares, he's going to end up being t-buck II.
  15. I wonder how many Colts fan's like Kiper

    yo hook, just admit it. kiper is under indy's skin and at times, he can be one funny b@$t@rd.