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  1. Losers

    VOlEK killed me, he only started one game for me all year (Bulgers bye week 8) and i thought Bulger would be rusty against the eagles. So i started volek against denver and it cost me a chance to play in the championship. The ironic thing is if i would of started bulger and got that one td he threw i would of won. Ramrock
  2. Score in my game is 12 to 12,he's played c-pep and mason.i've played volek,Lj,bennent. Here what we have left.If you see a place were my team can make a adjustment let me know. Him-Rb's Matin vs ne and jamal vs pitts. Evans and galloway j.brown and ne d. What i have left Kjones or pittman leading towards Kj, Gates and E.parker or McCariens. Vanderjadt. Balt D. Defense doesn't really matter unless they score. Thanks for you time guys. Ramrock
  3. Give me your thoughts.

    Scoring 6 points td 5 points for rushing over 100 5 points for 7 or more receptions 3 points for fg of 45 or more. Ramrock
  4. wdis at rb

    go with duece. Ramrock
  5. # 300 (post)

    pittman vs carl Kevin Jones vs chicago Larry Johnson vs Oak Start only 2. Thank for your input. Ramrock
  6. # 300 (post)

    pt's for catches if 7 or more. Ramrock
  7. QB issues

    Bress that simple. Ramrock
  8. RB advise

    stay away from bronco rb's .williams should be a decent start this week vs sf Ramrock
  9. WDIS: Volek or McNab

    Billy V Ramrock

    I also have Parker and justin I'm gonna go with mccariens this week. Ramrock
  11. championship game - need answsers

    your 2-11 and made the playoffs? Duece portis i like parker this week with no mccardell and indy keying on gates Ramrock
  12. WHICH RB!

    I like Lt this week Ramrock
  13. Pick a TE!

    witten and kj will catch some balls early which will open up the running game. Ramrock
  14. Every time i tweak i mess it up, not doing any tweaking this week but i'm also waiting till the last minute to turn in my lineup Ramrock
  15. Taylor hasn't practiced so far this week(nfl.com) if you have to turn in your lineup today you better go with westbrook ramrock
  16. Which 2 RB's to start this weekend

    green and cmart ramrock
  17. Super Bowl Champ?

    Tiki ramrock
  18. i need some help!

    Evans and roy Ramrock
  19. It is unethical to split the SB pot?

    I would do it only if the person i playing against is a friend and wants to do it. If it's one of them guys in the league i really don't care for and he made me that offer i wouldn't do it. Ramrock
  20. Just one time

    i can take it. 10 years in fantasy 9 straight years of first round playoff loses. Playing the guy i just beat a couple week ago out of top record money by 2 points. Be straight with me guys what do you all think and if you want to give suggestions that cool too. His lineup c-pepvs gb,martin vs ne,Jam,vs pitts,Clayton or galloway vs car, evans,mason vs den, graham and ne d....................................... mine Volek or Bulger, kev.jones,pittman,Larry johnson, gates,bennent,McCariens or Parker. Vanderjadt and balt D. I appreciate you time guys. Thanks Ramrock
  21. I've got both Volek and Collins

    Collins Ramrock
  22. Pick Flex Player

    holt if bulger starts if he doesn't go with Roy Ramrock