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  1. WDIS - Am I crazy?

    Sick with Marvin Ramrock
  2. Here is a hard WDIS

    sit Horn and Taylor, Westbrook is gonna give my rams nightmere's on monday night. Ramrock
  3. Go with brady he should be good for 275 and 2 td's Ramrock
  4. Which RB to start?

    I've gotta go with Portis on this one unless Kitna remains the starter in cinci this week then i would say Rudi ramrock
  5. Bench McNabb and Westbrook?

    Go with Hasselcrap, I would like to add that even though i'm not a fan of gb or the Eagles it's kinda ironic that TO gets hurt a game or two after the eagles were throwing against the packers after they well ahead. Ramrock
  6. Just one time

    Thanks, didn't mean to get upset the Jack was kicking me hard after the xmas party last night. Ramrock
  7. Just one time

    All the love i gave out to all the boards this year and very rarely asked for any advise i say FUNK ALL of YOU And I WON"T BE BACK,screw you all and your lame ass teams. Ramrock
  8. Bulger set to return

    So does this been i'm supposed to start him over Volek? it's gonna be a tough choice. Ramrock
  9. Larry Johnson

    Everyone is saying yes pretty quick on this one, but i would be very careful about this one unless you know that Blaylock won't be back for the game. Ramrock
  10. which WR should i keep?

    i picked up Parker. Ramrock
  11. Brady or Griese

    i don't like brady vs miami this week my guess griese and horn/smith Ramrock
  12. Moulds, D-Jax or Javon...

    d jax and walker Ramrock

    I really like Coles this week against Sf Boldin would be my other starter Ramrock
  14. Am I Nuts ?

    If that's all you got i would go smith and brown to. Ramrock
  15. WDIS @ D, WR, HB

    i agree with circle ramrock
  16. I always play the matchups unless i think the game is gonna be a blowout and i don't think these games will be blowouts. Smith and clayton Ramrock
  17. Dunn(sans Duckett) or Jones

    Dunn he might even get some end zone carries Ramrock
  18. Chris Brown

  19. WR advice

    Moss horn Tony G Ramrock
  20. How to pick the right kicker?

    I would go with wilkens also with chanler at Qb this week i think the only way the rams will score is with jeff. Ramrock
  21. WDIS QB?

    I think Volek will be throwing this week more than Griese Ramrock
  22. Which 2 WR?

    Joey and Boldin here also Ramrock
  23. Alexander and pittman, can you really afford to start a rookie(jj)over a guy going up against the saints D. Ramrock