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  1. So, What have we learned?

    In real football, The rams can run the football. In Fantasy football... Mike vanderjadt can still hit a Fg. Ramrock
  2. Trade talks ...

    I was looking to do the same thing with my backs but Bulger went down and i don't feel comfortable going into the playoffs with Volek and McNair. If i win this week i don't have to play again till week 16 These are my backs Julies jones ,pittman,kevin jones, Priest(he won't play) L.Johnson,hicks Now guys do i trade a rb for a qb or stand pat and see if Bulger will return Ramrock
  3. Clinton Portis

    Yeh thank you Clinton for the good game, Now for the fun part. The guy i'm playing next week will see how good he did and hopefully start him next week against the Eagles instead of Goings against my crappy Rams run D. Ramrock
  4. To everyone on this board

    Do you watch football man.Alexander has a great past on Sunday and Monday nights. Ramrock Never give up never surrender.(i borrowed that from Galaxy Quest)
  5. He's not on the same page with Justin either. Chad is not a good fantasy Qb. Ramrock
  6. Disappointments

    don't you mean Griese, back to the question 0 points out of Bulger (Get well soon) Ramrock
  7. Should have benched Moss

    The some deep thoughts there Darkside. Moss is hurting the viks by being on the field more than being off it. Ramrock
  8. I didn't cheat

    Now were feeling the Love. Ramrock
  9. 1st RB problem of the year

    I hope Martz learned something yesterday with Bulger out maybe the Rams will think about focusing on the run. As a Rams fan i hate martz as a Bulger owner Martz rules. i hope bulger is gonna be ok for the playoff run. if i win next week i won't need bulger till week 16 Ramrock
  10. Thoughts on L. Johnson

    don't bother Ramrock
  11. What's Martz's deal man?

    i had volek ready to start for me today took him out and put bulger back in,mainly because the ram d sucks so bad sf will scores on them. by the way i've been a rams fan (hate martz) for 25 years Ramrock
  12. Here is a Good Problem?

    farve Ramrock
  13. Porter

    porter Ramrock
  14. HELP....HELP.....WHAT TO DO WR

    wayne and branch Ramrock
  15. What a Problem

    i agree keep stokley on the bench Ramrock
  16. Chris Brown starting!

    don't go with brown ramrock
  17. Rams D against 49ers?

    as a rams fan I would say don't pick them up they Stink. the 49ers will score at least 21 Ramrock
  18. gates and pittman

    Can anyone bench either one of these guys? Bench gates for Mccariens,colbert or mcmiachel? bench pittman for julies jones? Thanks gonna go help other people right now. Ramrock

    i actually voted for Rod in a shootout with the chargers Ramrock
  20. Rain in San Diego?

    you'll be cool with plummer Ramrock
  21. WDIS - Wildcard Position

    go with bennent ramrock
  22. Champ will most likely be on gates. i would be careful with starting colbert(i have him also) last week he scored for the first time since week 5. Ramrock
  23. Bennent , You know the titans are gonna play catch-up all day. Ramrock Projected stats stokley 5 catches 75 yards Bennent 8 catches 95 yards and 1 td
  24. More Shady Dealings ?

    don't let them do the trade. After 10 years in our league the owners in our league decided to keep trades open until the end of week 14. I voted against it. Now the commish wants us(the owners) to vote on if a trade looks fishy or not. You know if they would of not changed the rule(week 12) we wouldn't of had this problem Ramrock