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  1. Brooks over Volek, playing Dunn and Clayton over Rudi and TJ Housh would have given me the title, but I thought Denver and Giants D's would do worse than they did.


    VOlEK killed me, he only started one game for me all year (Bulgers bye week 8)

    and i thought Bulger would be rusty against the eagles. So i started volek against denver and it cost me a chance to play in the championship. The ironic thing is if i would of started bulger and got that one td he threw i would of won.


  2. Score in my game is 12 to 12,he's played c-pep and mason.i've played volek,Lj,bennent.


    Here what we have left.If you see a place were my team can make a adjustment let me know.


    Him-Rb's Matin vs ne and jamal vs pitts. Evans and galloway j.brown and ne d.


    What i have left Kjones or pittman leading towards Kj, Gates and E.parker or McCariens. Vanderjadt. Balt D.


    Defense doesn't really matter unless they score.


    Thanks for you time guys.



  3. tough call...kinda weird how denver lost a fullback this week and didnt move droughns to fb and name bell the starter at hb.  bells injry is one that may worsen from week to week until he has it surgically repaired so maybe that is a factor.  IMO, I wouldnt roll with Williams....as I think him and Joe Burns will split.  Start Droughns and hope for a goal line carry.






    stay away from bronco rb's .williams should be a decent start this week vs sf


  4. The deal is, my team went 2-11 during reg season but qualified for playoffs. Now I have made the championship game. My receivers and rbs are as follows. (standard points 1 - 10 yards)


    roy williams





    Paker (SD)

    Evans (buf)



    Kennison and Evans have been my guns the last two weeks, yet burrelson and williams went off last weekend and Clayton did nothing against Saints.


    I will start kenninson and Evans again based on their matchups but who for the third. I am leaning towrds Parker because he is playing Indy and Indy will probably force brees to throw trying to stop LT. Burrelson has a nice matchup as does williams and clayton..


    Also Rbs, I am Duece, Portis and  D. Davis. Will probably start Deuce and Portis only because D. Davis is at Jax. Is this sounds.


    Thanks, Merry Xmas






    your 2-11 and made the playoffs? Duece portis

    i like parker this week with no mccardell and indy keying on gates


  5. Who is your other back that you have to choose 1 between these 2? If these are the 2 you have to choose from than you can never bench Tomlinson.


    Please check my post.






    I like Lt this week


  6. Griese has shown these tanking tendencies every year he's been the man. That's the guy's history. When he started coming strong this season, I told everyone who would listen as much. This season, his streak lasted a little longer than usual, and he had even me a little fooled. But it's over now.


    Go with Hass if he's healthy.


    I'd stick with Heap over Shockey because he's playing at a much higher level right now.


    I ahven't followed the Denver backs enough to give you meaningful advice there, but Suggs looks to be a solid option.


    Speaking of tweaks, I played Ramsey over Brooks, Wayne over Owens and Kasay over Graham in my game last week to get into the playoffs. That 'Play who brought you' theory is not immutable.






    Every time i tweak i mess it up, not doing any tweaking this week but i'm also waiting till the last minute to turn in my lineup


  7. Unfortunately, I have little options.  No waivers allowed.  Duckett is hurt.  I will play Julius Jones but must decide between Fred Taylor and Westbrook.  Taylor has not practiced but will probably play given Jax need to win.  But may not know until game time and I must turn in my lineups today before the GB Vs. Min game.  My only other option is Westbrook who will play, but who knows for how long.  There are two thoughts there.  He will play on a limited basis or Philly needs to work on their offense without TO and will play them until the game is well in hand.


    If I knew Taylor was playing, I would go with him because of the risk that Westbrook sits some.  But I simply do not know his status.


    What would you do.  Thanks.






    Taylor hasn't practiced so far this week(nfl.com) if you have to turn in your lineup today you better go with westbrook


  8. Green @ Minnesota (23rd ranked rush D)

    Dillon @ NYJ (6)

    CMart vs. NEP (7)


    Have been starting Dillon and CMart lately, except when NYJ went against Pitt a couple of weeks ago. However Green hasn't done much lately especially score a TD. Minny rush defense is tough to sit against however.


    Any thoughts ?






    green and cmart


  9. GB vrs Minny will make or break me - I have Culpepper Driver and I think Im gonna play Longwell over Stover...


    my question is should I play


    Tiki vrs Cinncy

    McCallister vrs Atlanta

    Droughens or Tatum Bell vrs Tenn








  10. I have heard more than once, where the 2 Teams in the Bowl make a side deal to split the $$.  They never split bragging rights though.






    I would do it only if the person i playing against is a friend and wants to do it. If it's one of them guys in the league i really don't care for and he made me that offer i wouldn't do it.



  11. This is for all the marbles...and a nice chunk of change.  Soring is based on length of TDs and combined yards.  No points for receptions.  Who goes off for me?


    DD @ Jac

    Goins @ TB

    Holt vs Phi

    Andre Johnson @ Jac

    Roy Williams vs Chi


    My other starters are S. Alexander, LJ, K. Jones, Jimmy Smith, and Moulds.    :D






    holt if bulger starts if he doesn't go with Roy