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  1. Chargers Linebacker Steve Foley Shot by a Cop

    Very few facts here to get to bent one way or the other ... I can go either way with what I know ... Swiss Cheesehead ... 30-90 miles an hour ... while may be typical during the day, at 3:30 am is not necessarily because of traffic, but could be just because he is so drunk - and that is a big deal if it is true. Then again, I agree, off duty - you call for back up. You don't make a stop at 3:30 am by yourself - I assume he had none of his usual equipment except his gun, so it excalted quicker than it should have. Let's get some more facts ....... meanwhile, it hurts my chargers ....
  2. Philidelphia RB

    I don't think he has a season in him. Looked great against the Ram's ... what one game 2-3 years ago.
  3. Keeper Leagues

    1. live with it and do the best you can to get early notice ... deposites are fine, but if someone really wants/needs to leave, do you want them still playing just because they didn't want to loose $100? 2. Three 3. Keepers from 4th round on, rounds 1-3 go back into the pool 4. Huh? 5. Love keeper leagues, but need to keep some of the pool fresh so their is a desire to keep playing.;
  4. Edge

    I think we have this discussion in preseason about him ... Edge will be fine
  5. Drew Brees

    That they are paying a ton of money to ...
  6. pre-season games

    It is about the revenue ... I don't think they will cut back on preseason since they use it to make money, it's not about the playing time.
  7. Brooks to Moss

    Yeah ... but this should be their specialty this year ... Moss and Brooks on deep passes ... of course Brooks will have 2 interceptions for every good play, but he can make the deep pass.
  8. Funniest / Classic: Most Original: Most applicable:
  9. Why no love for Punters?

    O-Line ... I like ... points for number of yards the runner gets, and loose points for sacks ...
  10. Eli Manning versus Frank Gore

    I just don't draft Eli ... ever. San Diego Homerism kicks in here ... sorry.