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  1. Post here

    took him down to win third championship in a row. the locals hate me and i love it. line up in sig just dominated in all games (bulger, LJ, dayne, etc, ) and i still have TO left. sweet
  2. Did anyone hear the radio announcement...

    i love LJ, but if he wants the ball more why is he pulling himself out of the game especiallly after a nice 20 some yard run that gives the team a spark. sits out the next couple of plays and then comes back on third and long. stay in the game, bro, stay in the game.
  3. hey guys, i am hated in my league for even being in this game again let alone the possibility of winning for the third year in a row. my opponent basically has LT and vick when he shows up. my lineup is in my sig. i have ruled out in my mind lewis agains pits D. i have been considering dayne, because he is all that houston has right now and he is going against the indy run D, but that is the problem. he is all houston has and indy will probably put everybody up close to stop the run because carr hasnt done anything for 2 months. so, do i figure dayne will get the ball enough to eventually have decent yardage and maybe a TD or do i go with james versus SF alongside LJ, my number one? i am also planning on going bulger over palmer, is that crazy? probably thanks guys
  4. champ or playing for championship...

    playing for a 3 peat. lineup in sig. boy, are the guys ticked.....again
  5. which way would you go?

    the injury kind of helps me decide to go with palmer. i think it was , more or less undisclosed the last few weeks and it has effected his play. his numbers have plummetted. and last week it was aggravated. i gotta go palmer.
  6. 4 weeks ago i figured i would be riding bulger into the playoffs. last 3 weeks it has been palmer. bulger finally did something on his final drive last week. does that warrant sitting palmer vs baltimore D or do i/you believe palmer is rolling and keep him in the lineup. i am battling for 4th playoff spot. tied with one guy and a half game lead on another i play next week. what do you all think? thanks
  7. LT2 and Turner

    maybe marty was watching new orleans highlights with reggie and duece and thought "huh, i think we could do that!" looks similar to me
  8. i am in an 8 player keeper league and i have s jackson, james and mcgahee. been offered duece for mcgahee and i am seriously thinking about it after watching duece play. he looks lighter and faster. i know bush is stealing carries and always will. but mcgahee just doesnt seem to be able to break out. i have good depth so it is a luxury trade. who would you rather have on your roster short and long term? thanks
  9. Trade: R Brown/C Palmer for

    brown/palmer plus you would have 2 giants to start
  10. you aint the first to call me that and you wont be the last
  11. Why So Much Tension on the Board?

    yeah...........the season cant come soon enough
  12. Reggie Busch

    right before my kickers and defense
  13. Reggie Busch

    my hunch this year on a possible candidate to break out like johnson did last year is m turner down in san diego. LT has been carrying a big load the last 3 to 4 years. 2 possible possibilities as i see it. turner could start getting some carries during the game similar to priest and johnson last year to keep LT healthy all year. LT would still get the majority of the carries, but turner would slice into it more than he ever has in the past. or because of the large amount of work LT has done over the past 2-3 years he gets injured where he misses a few games or more and turner steps in and puts up really good numbers. hey, it's possible.
  14. Detroit Homers

    i would grab turner. i think he may spell tomlinson, to keep LT from getting nicked up like he has in the past and if LT goes down. he could be very good.
  15. Julius Jones for Reggie Wayne?

    no, dont do this trade, you dont want another cowboy on your team. period. and the trade value stinks, too.