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  1. WDIS at RB (pick 2): McGahee vs NE Cadillac vs PHI Maroney @ BUF Jones-Drew @ HOU D. Rhodes vs WAS Thanks in advance!
  2. WDIS at RB

    Hey Huddlers - I can only use 2 RBs, and I've chosen wrong for much of the season (whoever I leave on the bench usually ends up having a great week). McGahee vs NE Cadillac vs PHI Maroney @ BUF Jones-Drew @ HOU D. Rhodes vs WAS Which 2 would you start? Thanks in advance!
  3. Shockey - Any news on his injury?

    from On Tuesday morning tight end Jeremy Shockey concluded a battery of tests --which started with an x-ray immediately following Sunday's victory over Washington -- on his right foot and ankle. All tests were negative. The soreness in Shockey's foot and ankle and his ability to practice will be assessed on a day-to-day basis in preparation for Sunday's game in Atlanta.
  4. When is Al Davis going to croak?

    is this the same Bronco Billy who calls in to 950 The Fan all the time?
  5. Mason or Bruce

    agreed ... Bruce
  6. Should I trade Jones-Drew

    Thanks. Jennings isn't available -- the best WRs on the waiver wire are Furrey, Gabriel and Greg Lewis. It seems like Reggie Brown's injury isn't too serious, and Lee Evans finally woke up last week, so I'm hesitant to release either of those guys ... especially for the suspect talent on the WW. I'll probably go ahead and dangle one of my RBs out there are see what sort of offers I get ...
  7. Hey Huddlers, My team is in my sig ... thanks in advance for the help. I have a good amount of talent at RB, but not so much at WR. Should I look to move Maurice Jones-Drew, or any of my other RBs (Cadillac, McGahee, Maroney, Rhodes) to get a top-tier WR? Or do you think I can get by for now with my existing WRs (Roy Williams, Colston, Lee Evans and Reggie Brown) and wait until someone offers gets desperate for RB help and offers me a stud? Part of me wants to stockpile as much RB talent as possible until later in the season when injuries are sure to start thinning the talent pool ... does anyone think I should make a move now, while the trade value is high for some of my RBs?
  8. Start Maroney or Addai (or Rhodes)?

    i've got Maroney and Rhodes (not quite Addai, but likely to put up similar numbers), and I'm going with Maroney ... FWIW
  9. WDIS RB

    I agree. Taylor and Caddy. please see mine.
  10. WR Help - who should I pick up?

    anyone else? For some reason I'm thinking Reggie Williams is the guy. He'performed well, with 14 catches in 2 games, and he's done it against Dallas and Pittsburgh so far. Colston has 8 catches, and New Orleans has played Cleveland and Green Bay. I think the Jags will be in the hunt until the end, and will be getting big plays from their WR down the stretch, Williams and Jones (and to a lesser degree, Wilford). everyone agrees that I should drop Jones-Drew, though, right? I just hate to drop a potential #2/3 RB (if Taylor gets hurt), and it would leave me with Cadillac, McGahee, Maroney and Rhodes. Should I cut bait on Clayton or Evans? Thanks again guys ... I'll answer yours.
  11. Fantasy Advice

    Flip - thanks in advance! I need help at WR (team is in sig) ... I'm trying to decide between picking up Reggie Williams or Marques Colston. Who would you pick up, and who would you drop from my roster? I was thinking Maurice Jones-Drew, but should I drop someone like Clayton or Evans? Thanks again!
  12. Free Agent Wide Receiver Help

    I'm in a similar boat, and I'm gonna hang onto Evans for a bit longer ... sure it doesn't look good, but 2 weeks is a little too early to push the panic button IMO.
  13. WR Help - who should I pick up?

    Thanks Guys! So that's one vote for Williams, one for Colston. I agree that I'll go with one of those WRs ... any other opinions? And regardless of which one I pick, who should I drop? (yes, that's my team in my sig) I'm thinking of dropping Jones-Drew, but since decent RBs are so scarce, I might like to hang onto him in case Fragile Freddy goes down. Would it make more sense to drop someone like Clayton?
  14. I've got the #1 spot in my waiver wire, so I have my pick of the available FAs in our league. My WRs have stunk up the joint so far, and I need some help. The top 4 available WRs are: - Jerricho Cotchery, NYJ - Bernard Berrian, CHI - Reggie Williams, JAX - Marques Colston, NO I'm leaning toward Williams, just because I think he's more of a proven commodity, but Cotchery and Colston are also very attractive options, especially if they continue their early success. OR, should I grab Rex Grossman at QB? Bulger hasn't produced yet and my back-up is McNair ... would you drop McNair for Grossman? I can only get one of these guys, since whoever I don't pick-up with surely be gone by my next turn in the waiver order. What would you do?!? Thanks in advance!