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  1. In Superbowl. Need RB Help!

    Read my thread Quack. A few post the same issues there!
  2. If anyone else reads this, I'm sticking with Tatum we'll see. Thanks for your input folks. Fantasy brings people together like nothing else. Go Bucks! Right, Maize and Blue Backer?
  3. te help

  4. Help at WR

    AJ and Galloway.
  5. SB RB HELP!

    I haven't decided yet, but I have decided that Morris and Brown are both non-options for me. Seems like general concensus on the message board. If I could get Dayne, I would do that.
  6. WDIS @ Flex

    I like Andre at flex. They will probably have to pass a lot and all of these RB's are rolling the dice and could turn up zeros. I would go with the starter. Of course, I will contradict my own advice when I start Tatum Bell today!
  7. How do you place Bell in the equation for me?
  8. Young is the safer pick even though Pennington may have a good night Monday night. I also think he'll rush one for you.
  9. WDIS QB and RB2

    I like Leinart and Dayne for you.
  10. Pittman is available. Otherwise, it is T. Bell, R. Brown, or S. Morris. Please help! Pittman v. Cleveland Bell v. Cincy Brown and Morris will probably split and suck equally.
  11. Need a win. Start 1 of these WR

    Tough call. I like Hackett lately. Henry doesn't do well in PPR although he gets the occasionaly goal line TD. Cotchery has slowed some and Mason has a tough matchup. Go with Hackett.
  12. Help me...and I'll help you

    Shockey. New Orleans has a good pass defense and Eli must use Shockey.
  13. Ronni Brown

    I like Dayne vs. Indy for you. I posted for help earlier about Brown. How many carries will he get? Seems like a huge mystery right now!
  14. Gore is in. Now I need to choose between Ronnie Brown, Sammy Morris, Tatum Bell, and even DeAngelo Williams. Right now Bell is in.
  15. Boldin and Walker should both do well. I would say if you are PPR, use Boldin and if you are not, use Walker. He will probably get a few deep balls against the Bengals.