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  1. Team of the "Noughties"

    cmon guys...the cowboys, with the triplets, led by the great troy aikman...would demolish any of the patriots superbowl champion clubs....the patriots are simply the tallest amongst midgets in todays watered down nfl....ask sgt ryan...hell tell you
  2. Randy Moss going to workouts

    the truth about felger is this....he is from wisconsin and is a diehard packers fan at heart...he is a regular on the show New England Sports Tonight which airs on FSN(not sure if you other regions have a nightly show like this on FSN)...during the nba season when the celts get alot of play, the other hosts often tease him about growing up in wisconsin and going to bucks games as his father is supposedly a season ticket holder so naturally you know he hates randy moss...and in general...he takes a bash then wait and see attitude with the pats...points out all the negatives and if they lose a game or dont win a superbowl, he says i told ya shoulda heard him on tv the week before the pats went to cincy last year...he was telling everyone how cincy was going to kill the pats...thats just the way he is...and he probably wont stop unless they win back to back to superbowls again
  3. Mock #1 Grades are in!

    hes just really funny to read...he hates the patriots so much and it just shines through every time he posts about them or somebody from their team...apparently they cant do anything nobody can measure up to the triplets and the cowboys dynasty...and any kid that played at oklahoma is destined for nfl i remember he posted a mock..and he didnt even have carriker in the first round...and i brought it up and he argued that he wasnt first round if i recall correctly...he was also bagging on levi brown pretty hard....i could really go on and on with all the stupid Sega! he says
  4. Mock #1 Grades are in!

    reading sgt ryan always cracks me up "maroney wont last the season" "aikman into the hall of famer he is today" "ill take the jets o line over the 49ers" sorry...but d'brickashaw is overrated...he needs to add bulk to be more effective in the running game...and hes tried like hell and his body just wont take....and i read the last month...that pete kendall and chris baker covered up alot of fergusons mistakes...and some people would be really worried for ferguson if the jets cut kendall
  5. Randy Moss going to workouts

    i saw robert smith himself, utter similar words the monday after the draft, on espn i dont think he ever used the word "great"....but he did say something like "in my day there werent many guys who could run with me...and randy would be there with my stride for stride blocking all the way down the field"
  6. Chris Henry fails drug test

    if i were the bring in henrys old teammate at WVU, brandon myles....hes not quite as explosive as henry...but hes a good route runner/hands guy who i bet is pretty hungry to prove he belongs in the league...i think the giants signed and then released him
  7. Clemens Signs with Yanks

    fat 5 inning guy thatll take around 3 weeks to a month to get ready
  8. Mayweather / De La Hoya

    you wanna see him floor people...go back and watch his fight with diego corrales...or any of this fights at lightweight...a jr middle he knows hes cant crack like he did at 130...remember this is his first fight at 154 against a much bigger man...floyd actually dropped two pounds between the weigh in and the fight...oscar probably put on about ten....not to mention floyd has brittle hands floyd was pretty dominant in the 2nd half of the fight...i had to lol@the crowd who would stand up and roar everytime oscar would throw an amatuerish flurry that would land nothing...and i have to agree with max kellerman that the guy who scored it for oscar should be banned from boxing....its pretty wild to know that the guy who scored it 115-113 for floyd gave floyd the 12th round...when the other two guys gave it to oscar...had he given it to oscar we would have had a draw...i made 300...but i had to put up 540...and i was a bit nervous before the cards were read because of the crowd
  9. Miami Dolphins

    hey im not a dolphins you are free to have your opinions on this pick...but i know ginn played in high school with troy smith and donte whitner...and ginns father was the coach...and they love football....i think the kid will work hard to correct his flaws as a receiver...i remember how touted he was out of high school...and i believe the original idea was for him to play cb....he has some flaws...but the kid has the desire to be great, which is really important in my eyes the kid is absolutely murder in the open of those rare guys that seems to glide forward while moving laterally
  10. Steal of the Draft

    yep i like it alot too and goopster...yeah i agree...i like him at safety...but its nice to know in a pinch he man up on a sure hell get work there in camp but you know...we should have taken chris houston from arkansas...ask the sarge
  11. Steal of the Draft

    merriweather has started several games at corner for the canes...he has good corner skills...and could play either...many scouts said his corner skills were as good as many of the top corner prospects
  12. Guys that were'nt drafted.

    id add melvin bullitt from texas a&m to that list i think he has a shot to make a team...good special teams contributor and could improve his coverage skills...measures well athletically...needs work in the coverage area
  13. Steal of the Draft

    whats funny is...the patriots...starved for talent, youth, and depth at the linebacker position according to sgt ryan...passed on this steal of the draft....and they get as much, and as good as any, info on florida players lol@saying the pats should have taken chris houston...merriweather is as good of a corner as houston
  14. Steal of the Draft

    lolol the most flagrant, bitter, patriots hater on the internet i know i know more than bill belichick and the personnel guys cant wait till october when they kick the everliving **** out of the cowboys
  15. Steal of the Draft

    im glad yer having a laugh...because me and the legions of patriotmaniacs will be having the last one im guessing you dont approve of this move? lol doesnt shock me...the patriots suck and dont do anything right according to you....and really who cares...because this current league cant hold a flame to the way it was in the 90's right? you know when your cowboys had their little dynasty