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  1. Help me find a battery

    does this help? nimh batteries
  2. Jamaica, Cancun, Bahammas?

    You can go the the Sandals or Couples all-inclusive websites to see what they offer in their packages. I know the couples site offers different pakcages based on resort's location. ie.. Ocho resort includes a tour to Dunn's Falls while the Negril resorts don't. We will be going at years end. The SO wants to go to Jamaica.
  3. Vick Indicted

    can hear Baha Men playing in opponent's stadiums already..who let the dogs out
  4. Yard Service

    So the SO wants to hire a landscaping crew. just found me one Mow and Blow
  5. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    where's the lil catholic girl outfit?? reprimand her for her bad grades
  6. Passport question

    Here's a good site to help if you need a cert. BC. Vitalchek Or contact your birth state for info. I went this route, spent $15, and had my BC within 2 weeks.
  7. RIAA killed the (internet) radio

    well there potentially goes a source of enjoyment while working at the computer. RIAA at work
  8. Last day in my 20s

    Congrats! on starting your 4th decade on this planet. There does that make you feel any older?
  9. What size monitor do you have

  10. I wonder what it would be like...

    Something like this??
  11. do's and donts when meeting a huddler

    and bring your scrapbook,wine,and scanner.
  12. What Housing Bubble?

    try living in one of the areas that is ranked in our nation's top 5 foreclosure rates..... prices are starting to really tumble here. A new subdivision by us released a dozen homes for sale. Price dropped about $30k and incentives added too. Housing Bubble??
  13. 2007 Mock Draft writeups

    boat_hacked: J. Moross #6 pick My strategy was to acquire consistent players at the positions of RB, LB, and QB. I took Westbrook over Addai or Parker because of PPR. Edge is my #2 RB. I grabbed a top 5 WR in Harrison, rounded out with Branch, Glenn, Bennett. I shifted to the defensive side next grabbing my 3 LBs in the next four rounds (rounds 4-7) of Fletcher, Morrison, and Tatupu, Greenwood was a nice value pick late in draft. Moving my QB pick up one round gave me Brady. At DL, once Allen returns, he and Cole will do nicely as my 1-2 DE. Dawan Landry, a nice value pick late, at DB, coupled with Madieu Williams/R. Marshall/C. Hope give me a strong DB group. I never expect much from TE, so waited until 15.06 before picking Watson. Overall, have a solid team of consistent players at key positions.
  14. Oh, same here on the bye weeks. i would have liked to take a flyer on jarret johnson but allen on bye that week too.
  15. Oh, Sgt. Ryan thanks for taking Hall in Rd. #25. see what goes around comes around.