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  1. All Auction League has an openning for 2007

    Would be very interested in an auction league. Some draft rules would be great. Draft dollars you start with minimum you can bid for a player and how do you keep people from over bidding, is there a minimum number of players you must leave the draft with??? I have played auction leagues for many years and know most of the "catches" that come up........ Thanks Jeff
  2. Draft Order

    The best way to draft, IMO, is to do an auction draft. It takes the chance factor of drawing numbers out of a hat. You still draw numbers but this only sets who will bring the next player up for bid. Try it you just might find that you like it better.
  3. Girls of the SEC Final Power Rankings

    I grew up in the HEB area in TX (DFW for you non TX folks), and I have been all over the world, as I was Flight Mechanic/Flight Engineer in the AF for 6 years, and I have seen the women all over. I've been to HI, Down Under, Stationed in CA(Travis AFB, Bay area sort of) and NJ, been to almost every state in the US, UK, Guam, Puerto Rico, Jamica, UAE, Middle East, Japan, Thailand, New Zeland, and Panama City to name a few, hell I've even been to the South Pole. So needless to say I've been around. And I would put TX women up agaisnt them all(althought the majority of them are snobby cause they KNOW they are good looking), you can fall in love several times just driving home in rush hour traffic, but with that being said the best looking/wildest thing I ever had the pleasure to share a bed with was from San Bernidino, CA (sp?), I met her at the Crazy Horse saloon while we were TDY at El Torro MCAS, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!! two words summed her up....Aerobics Instructor!!!!!!!! The Cali girls are for sure a VERY close 2nd!!!!! They dont walk with their noses as quite high up in the air as the TX women. heres a link to some Lubbock women!!!!!! Just for you Chief Dick TT swim team And polksalet this is just for you. A little vixen from aTm BB team...Dnika it that A$$ might put your eye out!!!!!! Dnika But I'd have to go with this, as Little Texas said it best I've seen a lot of places I've been around the world I've seen some pretty faces Been with some beautiful girls But after all I've witnessed one thing still amazes me Just like a miracle you have to see to believe 'Cause God blessed Texas with His own hand Brought down angels from the promised land Gave 'em a place where they could dance If you wanna see heaven brother here's your chance I've been sent to spread the message God blessed Texas
  4. This has been updated after the final polls for the 2006 season. OK, here's how this was calculated. I took each team's ranking in every year-end poll since the AP started in 1936. Once 2 polls were involved, I always used the higher ranking. Sliding scale points were awarded for every year that a team ended up ranked, and 10 points were deducted for each losing season. The scale was determined before seeing where teams ended up. For each year since 1936, a team earns points based on these criteria: NC (#1) in either poll = 100 points 02 -> 05 = 65, 55, 50, 45 points, respectively 06 -> 10 = 40, 37, 34, 32, 30 points 11 -> 20 = 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 points 21 -> 25 = 08, 06, 04, 03, 02 points non-ranked, but .500 or above = 0 points losing record for the year = minus 10 points Here are the all-time totals, updated after the 2006 final polls: 01. 2274 - Oklahoma (re-passed ND after 2006) 02. 2265 - Notre Dame 03. 2109 - Ohio State (passed Bama after 2004) 04. 2010 - Alabama (-10 for losing record in 2006) 05. 1966 - Michigan 06. 1812 - USC 07. 1679 - Nebraska 08. 1639 - Texas 09. 1507 - Tennessee 10. 1418 - Penn State 11. 1181 - Miami 12. 1104 - Florida State 13. 0944 - LSU 14. 0932 - Auburn 15. 0928 - Georgia 16. 0899 - UCLA 17. 0892 - Florida 18. 0697 - Arkansas 19. 0678 - Michigan State 20. 0599 - Washington 21. 0525 - Georgia Tech 22. 0459 - Ole Miss 23. 0434 - Texas A&M 24. 0423 - Colorado 25. 0419 - Pittsburgh 26. 0399 - Minnesota Other schools: Clemson(396), Syracuse(347), Army(327), Wisconsin(274), Iowa(248), Purdue(135) Link Man its hard to be the KING!!!!!!
  5. OSU vs Florida

    Troy Smith= Heisman??? What the hell were the voters smoking, maybe they need to share some of it and quit hogging it, its making them lose their minds.
  6. OSU vs Florida

  7. OSU vs Florida

  8. OSU vs Florida

    You need to put your crack pipe away!!!!!!! Thats an AGGIE for ya!!!!!!
  9. OSU vs Florida

    Was that Paul thompson just getting sacked/stripped on his own 10????????? Great play call by Tresel
  10. OSU vs Florida

    Now you know how it feels....feels like $hit doesnt it???? to be out coached by a pretty much nobody so far in his career
  11. 4 and 18

    And OU only rushes three guys????? Some one needs to lose thier job over this pi$$ poor play calling!!!!!! You think Mike(stoops) only rushes three guys????? What a JOKE!!!!!!!
  12. Interesting stat

    Excpet for the fact that everyone in the NATION knows Leach is an Off. genius. And to say that Miles is a genius at anything ,cept maybe running his mouth, is a stretch..... Can you imagine the numbers LSU puts up with Leach at the wheel instead of Miles???? Hell they might have avg'ed 60 pts per game!!!!
  13. Congrats to Boise St

    I totaly agree, Boise played one hell of a game, OU just had an old fashion beat down, and the BSU coaches did one hell of a job. As for the HC of Boise, as far as this Sooner fan is concerned he can have old Bob's job, I sure hope he goes pro!!!!! Hell since Mike Stoops and Mangino left for head coaching jobs; OU is o-fer in BCS bowls, makes you say hmmmmmmmm? He's good vs Big 12 oppents but when it matters he really looks like $hit. So many bad calls when OU is deep in their own territory, is just totally crazy. As far as I'm concerned AD should have carried the rock about 40-45 times, if he would have how many int's. does PT have? Congrats to BSU!!!!
  14. Iowa vs Texas

    Just watned to ask why were there some many Sooners fans dressed in yellow at the Iowa, UT game???? Being that they were flashing the down with Whorns sign, which is OU's sign, we use it no matter who we play!!!!! Thanks to all the Iowa fans who root for the sooners!!!!!!
  15. Iowa vs Texas

    Yeah but after a chance to look at the replays(during halftime) the announcers said it was the RIGHT call. So who looks like the a$$ now?????