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  1. WDIS - R. Bush or C. Taylor

    this is my 2nd RB position and I have LJ as my other starter....there is no flex so that is why I need to choose between the 2...I was leaning this way...thanks for the feedback
  2. WDIS?? Reggie Bush @ Cleveland or Chester Taylor @ Washington Thanks 6 pts / TD .1 pts / Rush/Rec. Yard 1pt / Rec
  3. Trade Question?

    Thanks for the input guys. I still have sometime to think about it and Ill definitely keep your opinions in mind. Thanks again. Bones
  4. Trade Question?

    I've been offered a trade and I wondering what you guys thought. A team offered me Carnell Williams for Peyton Manning In my league we can keep up to 3 players I was planning on keeping Peyton Manning Ronnie Brown Larry Fitzgerald We get a point for receptions which is why I was planning on keeping Fitzgerald. My thoughts are with Williams, Brown and Fitzgerald I will have a young nucleus to build around and I always can get a servicable tier 2 QB in the draft. Do you guys think this a good trade or should I just keep the original 3 I was planning on? Thanks for the input. Bones
  5. Overthinking?

  6. D. Driver, D. Jackson or S. Smith

    Jackson & Smith are the best plays in my eyes.
  7. WDIS?

    WDIS? 1pt - 10 yrds, 6 pts - TD, 1 pt - rec. Donald Driver vs. TBay or Glenn vs SanFran? Thanks for the advice.
  8. need advice

    Hasselback and Stokley being a #3 is still better than most #1's
  9. Week 2 wdis? Clayton vs Bills or R. Williams vs Bears Thanks, Bones