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  1. Current ADP - TEs

    The word from camp yesterday was that Vernon Davis was having a great camp and offseason with Alex Smith and they're in synch. They say he's been working on his hands and now that he understands the playbook should be a force.
  2. Low class move?

    We've always done it serpentine. This is the first year we're trying this keeper variant.
  3. Low class move?

    Players drafted in the 1st two rounds can't be keepers, so LT goes back on the board. Any player from rounds 3 and up can be kept and they lose that round -2. So keeping a 3rd rounder costs their 1st this year if they really want him that bad.
  4. Low class move?

    Our league is made up of friends so there's no absolute rules dictated and everyone has a say. I think he left for personal reasons and I didn't feel necessary to ask him for specifics. I agree in not punishing the new owners, but for the previous owners that are staying that thought they were getting a prime draft spot what's fair for them since they thought they were in this keeper league and having a high draft spot? I would love to hear of other options, its one of the reason's why I started this discussion.
  5. Low class move?

    The league members had voted for a keeper league, but the keeper cost is the draft round minus two rounds. So rounds 1 and 2 are off limits and keeping a previous 3rd will cost you a 1st this year. After we fill all the owner spots I'll repoll the owners for keeper or redraft options. We will move new owners to the back of the draft making the return owners slightly happier.
  6. Low class move?

    I agree, in fact when he did manage his team he did a really good job with WW picks, so just having LT wasn't a lock for him. I think the problem with our league is its composed of groups of friends that have known each other for 10yrs+, so its not just business when someone leaves or bitches and too many people take it personal.
  7. Low class move?

    So there is (was) an owner in our regular league that took over a team last year, ending up with the 2nd pick in the 06 draft. He ends up with LT, has a solid year and wins the championship and $$$. We play a 12 team IDP with $120 entry. So this week, while checking with owners regarding draft location he drops the e-mail to the league saying he wants to quit while "he's on top" and leave the league, good luck. As league champ he would obviously now be drafting last. A few regular members have e-mailed saying how classless that was considering he bought into a great draft position, and took home enough cash to pay for his next 5 seasons. As a footnote he was in our regular league about 3 years ago, played for a few years and also left after a winning season, but he didn't win 1st. So lessons learned as commish would be to never let a take over owner end up with a top pick and force all new owners to draft at the bottom to be fair to the existing repeat owners. This issue of class I'm still pondering because I think hes a good guy from my dealings with him outside of FF. Kind of reminds me of a guy that we used to play poker with and if he was up big in the first 30 mins would start panicking and looking for reasons to bolt out before we had a chance to take our money back. Does anyone have any rules they've incorporated to keep "hit and run" owners, like automatically deduct $50 of their winnings towards next years team? Any opinions?
  8. Frank Gore

    Ok, I'm a 9er homer, but with FF I try to stay impartial because I want to win, not fill my team with red and gold players. Plus, its been tough the last few years and all we had to remmember was the 5 trophies from teams long gone. I think your quote was from before the season started and before Barlow was Jettisoned. Nolan likes to make his players earn it and he was just challenging Frank prior to the season to take the role as starter, not just give it to him. Nolan and Frank are tight and its been documented that after games Frank calls Nolan for private input and advice. I don't see M. Robinson taking goal line carries from Frank this year, so that alone should net him better numbers. If Gore goes down, so does the niners so his health is always a concern.
  9. Frank Gore

    I think Frank will do as good or better this year than last. He's lost a few pounds during the offseason because he wants to improve his breakaway speed. Even as a homer, I would still say he's 3 or 4. Last year when I went on the boards here and made predictions telling everyone to take him, I had a few flames sent my way that I was an impartial homer That may be true but for most that took him in rounds 4-12 he was a steal especially in keeper leagues. This year he'll get all the goal-line carries and with less fumbles that should mean more fantasy points with a similar number of touches. I don't think he needs to drastically up his workload to improve his numbers.
  10. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    Barlow was the softest 230lb+ back I've ever seen. Barlow also handles the ball worst than Gore ever did when he was with the niners, so don't be disappointed if he coughes up a few. Before Barlow lost his job his weaknesses were tapdancing in the backfield which caused losses, poor ball handling, poor pass catching, and the worst knock=a poor team attitude. I'm not a Barlow hater, I just didn't like what he brought to our team when he was given an opportunity so it made Gore's efforts that more obvious. I figure that Pit is Barlow's last shot in the nfl so maybe the home crowd can turn things around for him.
  11. Cats cut Key

    I guess he's not going to be able to teach Jarrett all he knows...
  12. D.Jackson to 49ers for a 4th rounder

    I think the niners win at least 9 games in the division. No one runs away with it, and AZ probably ends up with around 5 wins. Not sure if you can call it a brutal schedule though, the niners have the 3rd best schedule based on this : but the entire nfc west is on the bottom 3rd of SOS rankings
  13. Raiders & Det trade

    So Williams becomes their reclamation project and the Raiders almost have to pull the trigger soon and unload Moss.
  14. Raiders & Det trade

    Still waiting on specifics.
  15. quinn ...what is going on ?

    At the price of this years 2nd and next years 1st. Good trade but cost them.