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  1. Miami at home vs Cleveland or Pitt (#1 D) at home vs Baltimore Please reply with your opinions. Thanks.
  2. I need all the points that I can get and Bennett is NOW taking all the carries for the Vikings. What gives??
  3. Bronco fans, Is Tatem Bell a go?

    Just wanting to keep this going. If anyone has latest info, please provide..
  4. wdis @ wr

    Bench Walker. He's hit or miss and playing in VERY COLD WX. With the zip that Favre puts on the ball, it's going to be hard to catch today. Temps at game time could be in the single digits and you have to check on wind chill factor.
  5. Bronco fans, Is Tatem Bell a go?

    Someone has to have info on Bell. What's the latest???
  6. Larry Johnson or Julius Jones

    Real tough choice. I'd probably lean slightly towards Johnson, because he has a better QB to take the pressure off of him. On the other hand, Jones is the better RB. I hope this helps.
  7. Amos Zererue

    I NEED help. I NEED points. Does anyone think that Amos will have a GOOD day tomorrow against a less than stellar Titans D? I know he's been a non-factor lately, but he has the potential to have a solid game. Please give me your opinion. Thanks!!
  8. Which Defense to start?

    Urlacher is the MVP of the Bears and with him out, the D will suffer. The Packers D is not good, but in the COLD against a Florida team, it could be LOW scoring.
  9. I really need some help, WDIS?

    Go with Horn. Hoazdasfhnaskdh hasn't shown that he has a raport with Jon Kitna and he's the #2 WR while Horn is a "goto" #1.
  10. WDIS

    I'd probably go with Roy Williams. He has a better matchup at home in the pass friendly dome. I know the weather in Ciny will be cold and possibly windy, so Evans might not do as much.
  11. I picked up Tatem Bell today. I'm desperate for good points this week because Pitts D looked like sh*t today and the red hot Chris Cooley was ICE COLD. I'm thinking about benching Marty Booker if Tatem Bell might get a good amount of carries tomorrow. I know if Bell is healthy enough, he'll probably get the ball more than Droughns. So, does anyone in Denver or a Bronco fan know the latest on Bell playing??
  12. Green Bay Homers - Is Weather a Factor

    I just looked at the forecast for tomorrow. It will be VERY cold (low teens), but it will be clear. No snow. I have Longwell too. Hopefully, he'll be alright.
  13. Cooley has been stepping it up and has a great matchup vs SF. Hicks is starting, but is going against the #3 run D and #3 pass D. With Dorsey at QB, I see the 49ers trying to run more, but can they??? What do you guys think? Please respond. I have to make a decision before kickoff. Thanks.

    I'm behind by only 3 points and I have Volek going against a guy who has Mason. All I need is for Volek to start and throw at least 1 TD to someone not named Mason and I win!!! By the way, Volek will start tonight. I'll bet the house on it!! McNair couldn't even throw the ball on Saturday!!!
  15. Drop Chirs Brown for Tatum Bell?

    I just dropped Chester Taylor to pick up Bell. I have Chris Brown too, but felt that Taylor was more expendable. Take a chance. It's playoff time.