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  1. Baseball question...

    God I love this stuff
  2. Man vs Wild vs Survivorman

    I always wondered if the camera people stayed with him. It makes sense that they go sleep somewhere comfy. Regardless, I do enjoy the show and if someone learns something from it and survives an event like his it is good.
  3. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    Unless the book sales are that good, you may want to rethink this. It might get pretty quiet around here if there was drug testing.
  4. Greatest American Rock Band

    After that many posts, and no one mentioned Queensryche. As far as consistently good in each album they win hands down in my book. They also put on a great show. I did not vote, but Metallica would be my favorite out of the group.
  5. So I joined a Keeper League

    This was my first thought. Probably a rebuilding year. Hopefully these guys like to trade a little. Interesting idea. I will get going on emails tomorrow. Like I said above rebuild this year and hopefully get a better keeper list next year.
  6. Here's the team I just bought, I need a little help any suggestions. Does a guy keep Romo or Brees? Branch could be a keeper and everything else I am lost M. Anderson D. Branch D. Brees C. Chambers C. Dillon J. Horn B. Jacobs M. Jenkins L. Johnson (Picked up before he was a starter I can keep him is what I have been told) E. Kennison R. McMichael T. Romo J. Stevens C. Taylor (1st round pick not eligible as a keeper) J. Brown M. Stover NYG PHI you can keep 5 players. No more the 2 per position (to prevent stockpiling of running backs) and only 1 "franchise player" a player who finished in the top 5 of his position. Standard performance scoring 4 passing TD, 6 for rushing/receiving TD, 1/10 rushing and receiving, 1/20 passing, no points per reception E2A: a woman owned this team and didn't do anything with it.
  7. = Nat'l

    They also have all the Paris Hilton updates current with photos and everything. Quality news organization.
  8. I gotta ask...

    Your welcome, and I also will have to say I was only on hold for 15 to 20 seconds (forgot my user name and password) and the gentleman was very nice.
  9. I gotta ask...

    Ya, I guess you could say that yes. I haven't paid yet for this coming year so maybe they should get to work on that.
  10. I gotta ask...

    Well, I have read thru this, and I have to try and explain this situation. At my state convention last month we had a speaker by the name of AJ Smith. He was the head of alumni relations at South Dakota State University in Brookings. He wrote this book. It is based on a checker at Walmart by the name of Marty. Marty was retired and had nothing, he never had anything and was proud to live in a double wide. He loved to see people smile. Anyway, Marty was the talk of the town. People from all over the United States knew Marty and called him their friend. He would ring up the order, then take the money and come around to the other side of the counter where the people were standing, have the change in his left hand, and stick out his right hand and shake the person's hand, and then look them in the eye and say, "Thank you for shopping here today we really appreciate it." If there were children there he would give them a peppermint. He often got father's day card from little kids who didn't have fathers. People would send him letters and cards thanking him for making them feel good. When he was in the hospital, word got out and he received get well cards from hundreds of people. Walmart asked him to stop doing it, and he refused. He said it makes me feel good to do this. People would wait in his line while other checkers had no one in their lines that is how much people liked this guy. He had the highest items per hour of the store. It is the best customer service story I have every heard. Smith becomes like a son to this guy and he gives talks on him everyday five days a week to school kids to try and get them to change their life and it is working. It is a wonderful story. Smith starts out his talk to adults with him going to five different gas stations to buy a small pack of gum. He gives them a dollar to see what he gets in return. He said out of the five places he stopped that night, he got 73 cents in change, and two "there you go's" two "here's" and one blank stare. Not one thank you. So really as you guys discuss this self check out or not, I would say that what difference does it make unless you have a Marty. Nobody gives a Sega! anymore. People no longer appreciate the business that is done at a store. There are very few local owners on anything these days, and it is sad.
  11. I need Huddler help

    I am a president of a statewide board, and need to write a monthly newsletter article. People in the past have written the same thing the executive secretary writes. Things that are going on in the association etc. I want to do it a little differently. I have an idea for my second article which I need in just after July 4. I am looking for a book that will get me going again. Following our convention, we had a great speaker, I was all jazzed up. I am looking for that feeling again. Just wondering if any of you have read books lately about motivation, customer service, or surviving life in a small business.
  12. Fergie

    I thought the BIL said Ed. I really don't pay attention to celeb gossip, so could very well be. She was trying to get to ND for some reason and Ed was involved. I always thought he was a stud for landing a that kinda body at his age, now I will have to about my opinion of him.
  13. How long do you stay in the bathroom?

    Gotta have something to read, just like others even if it the back of a shampoo bottle. On the time thing, I have to limit myself (15 minutes), or my legs fall asleep, and I can't walk afterward.
  14. Fergie

    My brother in law flies a charter jet out of Bismarck, ND. A year or so ago she was dating Ed from the show Las Vegas, and he is from North Dakota and has a ranch there. She contacted executive air where BIL works, and they told her the price to fly from LA to North Dakota and she said it was too much something like $10,000. Brother in law said it was a cut deal and normally would have run $15000. I always get a kick out the song Glamorous now.
  15. Sopranos are on in about 7 minutes.

    Ya, just like the Deadwood movie. SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS !!! it, I wouldn't watch it after that.