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  1. Best coaching candidate for ATL ?

    Beamer, the coach at Virginia Tech although no way he leaves Blacksburg in my view.
  2. Yup. I will place Ronnie Brown on my list according to the presence of Saban and/or Mularkey. If both of those coaches remain, at best Brown is a mid 2nd rounder, AT BEST. However, if they bring in a coach that can properyl utilize his talents, then he is a real potential first rounder in the 7-10 range.
  3. HOU RB Domanick Davis (remember him?)...

    This is great news....I applaud Domanik Davis/Williams/Mexico, whatever, because now it may allow me to get a late round steal in next year's draft.
  4. Hey Colts Fans

    -The Browns/Colts situations are NOT THE SAME. Robert Irsay had every right to move his "property" in the 'Colts', but I argue didn't have the right to hijack the link the city of Baltimore had with the team. When Art Modell moved the Browns, he left the tradition in place. He left the uniforms, the history, everything so in the event a team was moved back into Cleveland they could resume as was. -Please be reminded that Art Modell tried to buy back the Colts name, uniforms, and colors when Modell moved from Cleveland. In usual fashion on how Irsay handled his business, THE COLTS WERE for sale, for 25 million dollars. Irsay was looking to cash in as the colors and tradition really meant nothing to him, but Modell balked at the high price. -The NFL bent over backward for Cleveland. The city of Cleveland had built Gund arena, the RandR HOF, and Jacobs Field while Modell was thinking the Browns were '5th fiddle'. I don't like the idea of city's being held hostage by wealthy owners, but this is how the game is played today. The poorous job by the Cleveland politicians was part of the reason Modell moved. MODELL DID NOT WANT TO MOVE and even said so...IRSAY DID WANT TO MOVE and never once said he regretted making the decision to move West. It was common knowledge when Irsay got the Colts in the early 1970s that he wanted to move the team. -For all the whining and hand-wringing done by NFL fans and non-partisan fans concerning Cleveland, the first chance that came up Cleveland got their team back. However, Baltimore was always rebuffed for expansion by the NFL (in large part due to Jack Kent Cooke). We are always lead to believe that Cleveland was the poor innocents while Baltimore was the evil-dooers. However, Cleveland got their team back within a few years while Baltimore went the only place they a team looking to move. I hated it for Cleveland's fans as they are awesome fans, but we had to do something as the NFL was not working with us. Had the NFL awarded expansion to Baltimore like they should have then maybe Modell and the city of Cleveland could have worked things out. If you want to blame anyone for Modell moving, blame Jack Kent Cooke and the NFL lackeys. -Every single old Baltimore Colt has totally disassociated himself with Indianapolis. Johnny Unitas rejected the Indianapolis Colts as "the team he played for." Every great Baltimore Colt to a man has 100% categorically rejected any idea their names and spamshirts belong in Indiana. -To truly appreciate the Baltimore Colts you have to know what that city and that team was about in the 1950s-1970s....It would take too long to document the special bond between the two in this scant few words. Suffice it to say, the bond probably was easily greater than ANY other NFL team and likely greater than any of the other professional sports. -Yet, it is time to move on. When the Ravens won the Super Bowl that laid to rest the Baltimore Colts for me. My childhood heroes of Bert Jones, Ed Simonini, Roger Carr, and the older guys like Unitas, Moore, Mackey, Marchetti, Donovan, Brasse, Berry, etc...were NOT STOLEN from Baltimore, because us Colts fans didn't let it be stolen. When the Colts became an Indiana team I didn't throw away my Lenny Moore football card, rip up my old Bert Jones poster, and throw away my signed photo of Mr. Unitas. I didn't throw away ticket stubs to games against Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Miami, the NY Jets, or Oakland? And "ghost to the post" still haunts me to this day. Best of luck to the Indianapolis Colts this weekend.
  5. Top 4 RB's if darft were today

    Portis appears he'll be wildly overrated yet again. Ahead of Gore?
  6. best team to lose a Super bowl?

    1968 Colts hands down. The Colts were a great team, the Jets sucked...but like they say "any given Sunday". Earl Morrall played about as poorly at QB as he ever has missing a wide open touchdown toward the end of the 2nd half when he failed to see a wide open Jimmy Orr instead checked down underneath. He also made terrible throw after terrible throw the entire game. The Colts scored only 7 points that game...I think that year there was only 2 or 3 games where they scored below 20. And the Jets as Id have to look it up gave up obscene points that year, maybe 2 or 3 games giving up below 20 themselves. It was just a very bizarre game, so much so that there have always been underneath rumblings that the game was fixed. Had the Jets been anything other than the fluke they were they'd have continued to win, but the Jets fell totally off the map the next year while the Colts continued to be a great team (even winning Super Bowl 5) before age crept in and ended their run. While there have been some tough Super Bowls to swallow and amazing finishes, the Colts losing the 1968 Super Bowl is the only Super Bowl I look at and really shake my head in disbelief.
  7. What the Coolest Name of Any of Your Fantasy Teams?

    My teams over the years have been named -Da Ditka's -Wolfpack -DC Texans (partnered up with someone here) -Moronic my f.agasms Looking For A Stash (name change mid-way of bad season) -Idiocy Complex Dementia (name change as well) changed from Maelstorm of Inorganic Debris -Incongruous Existence -Sinister Rouge -Anthropocentric White-Trash Patah You can see Im out there.
  8. MLB Free agents for 2007

    Well, if he pitches out of the rotation, chances are 95% of all his fastballs will be of the mid 90s variety instead of the 100+ we see from him in the pen. When pitchers go from the pen to the rotation they have to pace themselves a bit more which could help him. Conversely, some starters who we think throw 92-94 mph can all of a sudden start hitting 97-99 on the gun once moved to the pen, because they can just go throw caution to the win. As a White Sox fan, I don't care what they do with Zumaya, the guy is a nasty freak and will succeed anywhere.
  9. Playoff dispute

    You should NEVER EVER write any fantasy rules that say previous weeks lineups are inserted if no lineup is selected without exceptions. You should create your rules to state simply that all pre-Sunday players MUST BE designated and that "previous week" rules do NOT APPLY. Basically, if you go by that previous week non-sense you could watch a couple early week games and if your guy doesn't get off just select a lineup, but if he does get off then don't do anything and take his numbers. By this point in the season you are probably pretty much set with your core. In my view, your rules are not well-written as someone has already pointed out the ambiguity in them. We allow for any lineup decisions to be made prior to any player's game (basically, you can change the status of ANY player so long as his game has NOT started). We do have a previous lineup rule, whereas, if someone fails to insert they get previous week's lineup, but that EXCLUDES any pre-Sunday games. It has worked out great for our league and there have been no problems. Not to question this dude's credibility, but changing lineups "just to see" is bs and being that it was a playoff week it is incumbent on that guy (the owner) to make sure all his ducks are in a row. We've played our league using the MFL website for about 5 years now and it has been an excellent site...we had one guy who said the site didn't take his lineup submission, but none of us really believed his story.
  10. Jets-Dolphins

    I agree. Sincerely, NFC Teams
  11. Rivers...

    QB Philip Rivers completed 10-of-30 passes for 181 yards and two touchdowns in Week 16 against Seattle. Rivers amazingly started 0-of-9 and dealt with receivers dropping passes all afternoon, but his first completion went for a nine-yard touchdown. He went 10-of-21 for 181 yards after the rough start, leading the Chargers on a game-winning touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter by hooking up with WR Vincent Jackson on a 37-yard score with under a minute left. Maybe we should all take a breath before trashing players early in games based on stats.
  12. Post here

    Dont know....3rd place game against him he leads me by 6 and has DolphinD and Randy McMichael and I have Donte Stallworth and either Dolphin or jet back depending on which i start.
  13. Rivers...

    Rivers turns a very bad game into a great comeback win. THAT is why he is special. Also noticed the announcers saying there were a lot of drops by his receivers today.
  14. Gates and Gore

    It appears San Diego is just going to abandoned the forward pass...expect very little from Gates, very pitiful passing performance San Diego is putting up. The Ravens passing offense looks like the 2000 Rams compared to the Bolts.
  15. Rivers...

    They can't and they won't and the AFC is TOO tough just to run it every play. I'm smelling the Ravens this year...and I have no problems with that.