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  1. Cmart

    Right...are those the same Docs that claim Penny's arm is back to "full strength"? Call u say, Al Woodall, Marty Domres, Richard Todd http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/story/8870025
  2. What's the status on CuMart?

    http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/story/8870025 Welcome CMart shoppers
  3. Need 2 of these WR's...

    thanks for replying - I'd go Branch & Clayton. They're all good WRs but the BAL and PIT D's are too tough.
  4. Another "too many good RBs" post

    any last mintue thoughts?
  5. I need to pick 2 RBs. Let me open with the obvious, if it weren’t for the Green’s ribs vs. flak jacket debate I wouldn’t be posting this question. But I get really nervous about interpreting NFL injury propaganda so I need your help. AGreen – I’d play him if he were 100% against an average Philly run defense. But… McGahee – Miami homecoming against the Fins….a must start BUT I’ve been burned by Bledsoe’s stupidity in the past. The Bills could be down by 20 by half or lead and give Willis 50 carries. Droughns - the Energizer Bronco…. away against a very tough Charger run D’. Tjones – the only Bear option against at home in the cold against a suspect Vikes D’ Also as long as I've got your attention. Pick 2 WR from Holt, Mason, Porter or Branch. Thanks in advance!
  6. Append to Kwatz post: RB WDIS

    more thoughts...
  7. Pick HEAP up?

    Used my 5th round pick on Heap and dropped him midseason. Since then have used Wiggins and Johnson with moderate success. He's available but should I drop one of the others. Our waiver deadline is next weekend and I'm safely in our playoffs. I'm not going to carry 3 TE's. Any thoughts?
  8. Based on the sage advice from Kwatz's post I've decided not to start AGreen this week due to risky ribs. My #1 RB is Alexander but who should be #2: Pittman - safe yet limited upside against the Falcons. The Bucs are tough on Vick in Tampa so this could be a close game, JJones - we've all seen the 30+ carries write-ups with JJ blowing up again like he did on Turkey day. But is he for real? The Cowboys are SO unpredictable. TJones - he's the only player da Bears have. The Vikes haven't had much success in CHI so TJ could see alot of action. Any thoughts?