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  1. calling all champions

    The prestigue is the best part. I play in a league with guys I know, so there is a lot of smack talk each week. The money is nice and since my wife found out, I will be using it for a new garage door opener (no nudie bar trip for me). As many times as I have won, I am thinking about adding it to my resume. Maybe the Lions will make me their next GM (can't do any worse).
  2. which qb?

  3. need some advice on my rb dilema

    Barber and Westy are good options. I would stck with da Bears D. The Lions are making every D look good, even when they are not trying.
  4. Pick 2 for the championship

  5. WDIS RB

    Having a dream year and need one more week. Pick one - standard scoring 1pt per reception RDayne vs Indy CBenson @ Det. TBell vs Cincy I am leaning Benson with Jones hurt, but Dayne looks good. Any thoughts?
  6. Which Def,they all kinda blow

    I like Seattle this week. They have been pretty consistant all year. Tenn is a sleeper, but Houston is reeling from last weeks terrible performance.
  7. Need to Choose RB

    As a Lions homer, the ankle is fine (26 touches last week). My concern is the 2.9 yrds/carry of the Minn. D. Is he going to get enough recieving yards?
  8. WDIS - RB?

    Henry was also on most waiver wire's earlier in the year. Gotta go with him.
  9. WDIS at WR3?

    Your thinking is good. They all have a chance to have a big week, but Henderson has a little more upside for the reasons you mentioned.
  10. qb help

    I would go with Young this week with the way Grossman's been playing.
  11. wdis

    Who are your other recievers that would make you have to decide?
  12. WDIS at Flex?

    Go Benson this week
  13. WDIS Tatum,J lewis, or Dwilliams/D foster?

    Just ask Mike Bell how good the SD run D is from the previous meeting. I like Tatum this week despite the matchup.
  14. Need to Choose RB

    Some bad matchups. Standard scoring and 1 pt per reception.