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    football, football and....uh.....football.
  1. Keyshawn Signs with Giants

    BS..... per KFFL he was not happy with the contract offered & is going to shop around. Next stop...NE
  2. Need to pick a #2 RB this week

    I like Pass this week against a terrible Buffalo run defense..... and Bellichek is being quiet about Dillon who was spotted on crutches at the Patriots practice facility Monday. Check up on him!
  3. I just made this trade

    Lee Evans sucks! At least Davis gets his touches and TD's. Detroit defense is just as good as TB defense fantasy wise. You got boned! Sucker!!!
  4. Palmer or Brunell

    No brainer..... If Carson is not hurt or on a bye, he gets the nod! Don't overthink this one..... plus Steelers CB Deshea Townsend (hamstring) is doubtful for week #7 at Cincinnati.
  5. WDIS-QB

    shameless bump..... anyone else have an opinion on this? I am still so torn.
  6. Plax or Boldin.....is Plax better...

    Plax plays on the NFL's leading offense...... Arizona leads the league in field goals...... I wouldn't trade Plax- he's this years Muhammad!
  7. WDIS-QB

    I am trying to decide whether or not to start Carson Palmer or Jake Delhomme this week. Palmer has been great, I don't see him doing poorly against JAX, and I love prime time players (8:30pm on ESPN). On the other hand Delhomme has a juicy match-up against a Arizona seconday chock full of scrubs. What would you do?
  8. WDIS-WR

    looks like a tie.... anyone else?
  9. WDIS-WR

    Kennison vs PHI Porter vs DAL Who do you like this week?
  10. WDIS-WR

    Thanx.... I am leaning towards Taylor as well. Evans hasnt shown me anything this year.
  11. WDIS-WR

    Lee Evans vs ATL or Travis Taylor vs NO Who would you start???
  12. Trade evaluation....

    Then Roy Williams is mine!!!!! Thanx guys!
  13. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    1. Alexander 2. McAllister 3. Barber
  14. Is it worth it? Both are high risk/high reward players....... whatcha think?
  15. Leftwich or Palmer?

    Did you see what Palmer did against Baltimore defense last year..... the only way he gets benched is on his bye week!