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  1. WDIS?

    Thanks for the confirmation guys.
  2. WDIS?

    Leaning towards Housh over Jimmy who, I feel, is starting to show his age, and turn over the reins.... Just looking for some confirmation here.... Thanks in advance.
  3. Performance scoring... 6pts per TD run/reception 4pts passing TD's NO points for receptions Palmer Bulger Tomlinson L Jordan S Jackson M Moore S Smith R Smith J Smith TJ Housh R Ferguson A Bryant Conwell Lindell Bucs D Here's what I'm thinkin Palmer ( though Bulger will be in a tougher game, and may be throwing more) LT RB#2 (here's where it gets tricky) I like Mewelde Moore here. Jordan is not proving he can get it done, Moe Williams is probly out, so all the TD runs should go Moore's way. That being said, S Jackson is still an option, but I don't feel comfortable, as the rumor is he may have actually cracked his sternum, and his carries may be limited this week. S Smith Jimmy Smith (With Champ probly out, or at least limited, and the same of Darrent Williams, I thought Jimmy should be good for a big day) ((Unfortunately, I'm a Broncos Fan!) The rest, I think I can figure out.... LOL Thanks all!
  4. Leftwich or Dilfer?

    I like Dilfer here too.
  5. wdis Lamar Gordon or Rueben Droungs

    Crennell knows how to beat Indy. I'm not saying its gonna happen, but it'll be semi-close. I'd go Droughns and not even think twice.
  6. WR help... pick 2! I'll answer yours

    Didn't expect to see many recommend Housh. Guess I'll have to really think this one through.
  7. Is McNabb ou today?

    he's in
  8. Steve Smith is my #1, so actually, only pick one of the following for the other starter. J. Smith - my thinking was no, due to the status of Leftwich and TY LAW. R. Smith- I was thinking he was due... no TD's yet but lots of receptions. TJ Housh- Bears have a tough D R. Ferguson- Need I say more? A. Bryant- Surprisingly good Indy pass D. I was leaning toward Rod Smith. Opinions? Thanks!
  9. Palmer for Gonzo?

    Well, I've made a few counter-offers for Moss, and for CJ I offered Bulger/R. Ferguson for C Johnson I offered Palmer straight up for Moss. I doubt it'll fly, but its worth a shot, and to be honest... pretty fair.
  10. Palmer for Gonzo?

    Would you do it for Chad Johnson? Another offer just came in
  11. Palmer for Gonzo?

    I am really thinkin about it. I don't know what to do. Palmer is hot right now, but what if he ends up staying way hot and Bulger remains Lukewarm? What to do, what to do? Hehe
  12. Palmer for Gonzo?

    I can get T. Gonzolez for C. Palmer if I want. Standard performance league- 6pt rec/rush TD's 4pts passing: I only have E. Conwell as a TE. Others- M. Bulger C. Palmer T. Dilfer L Tomlinson, L Jordan, S Jackson TJ Housh, R. Fergusen, S Smith, R Smith, J Smith, A Bryant E Conwell Scobee, Lindell Tampa D I am pretty weak at wideout, and don't think I'll be able to score Moss or Owens. Should I take a Gonzo or Gates to make up some points on the roster? Thanks!
  13. I need a WR/TE... should I trade

    Thanks guys.... really appreciate the input. I'll give it a shot.
  14. Standard performance scoring... 6pts rushing/recieving TD's and 4pts passing QB's Bulger Palmer RB's L. Tomlinson L. Jordan S. Jackson WR's S. Smith J. Smith R. Smith TJ Houshmandzedah R. Ferguson A Bryant TE A. Smith K Lindell Scobee Bucs D Lions D So, I was thinking of offering a trade. Like Palmer for R. Moss. Palmer is really hot right now, and I might be able to swing it before he hits the wall in his schedule. I was also thinking of trying to get Gates, or maybe Gonzo for him. The other option is to trade away Bulger; I just think Palmer is going to return to earth soon. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance... Chad PS... Dilfer is still out there for my bye week/backup to Bulger if I went that route.
  15. Tampa Bay Defense against JP Losman and the Bills.... Or go with my pickup this week and take Detroit vs Orton and the Bears? Also, which RB to start. L. Tomlinson S. Jackson vs Cards L. Jordan vs Chiefs (who looked good against Curtis Martin last week!) I'm starting Tomlinson(obviously) but who else? I'll answer lots of these throught the day... Just asking for some advice. Thanks!