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  1. Cotchery or Furrey

    Furrey might be in line for a nice game if Williams does not play. I think its a toss up.
  2. J.Lewis for R.Moss

    I have been offered J.Lewis for R.Moss, standard performance league with 12 man rosters we start 2RB w/ 3WR or 1RB w/4 WR. QB-C.palmer Qb-B.Favre RB- LT RB-C.Dillon RB-L.Maroney RB-T.Henry(picked him up of waivers for this week) WR-Chad Johnson WR-T.O WR-R.Moss WR-Reggie Williams K-Stover Def-Pitts I have a very solid team (3-2), though most guys are way underacheiving so far but the potenial is there. I dont think I need to make trade, as its basically a swap of 2 unerachieving players but who has has better value the rest of year.What do you think ?do I make the trade or not.Lewis is the best offer I have had for Moss so far.Thanks for any input.
  3. Brady,Bledsoe or Favre?

    Probably all three are good options this week,but who would you go with? Standard performance league, bonus points for longer TDs.thanks for any input
  4. Randy Moss for A.Johnson

    I posted earlier about a proposed trade of Randy Moss for Reggie Wayne The owner of wayne backed out, but I was now offered Andre Johnson for R.Moss by another owner.I do like Johnson but not sure if its enough for Moss. 12 man standard performance league.thanks for any input.
  5. 12 man standard performance league,I have been offered R.Wayne for Randy Moss I am not ready to give up on Moss yet, but am really considering making trade. Thanks for any input.
  6. WDIS at Flex

    Need a flex player, normal performance league with the exception that you receive more points the longer the touchdown, Start 1QB,2Rb,2WR,1 Flex,K,Def Here are the 3 players I am deciding over. D.Driver VS Chicago D.Rhodes@ N.Y Giants J.Lewis @ TB normally prefer to go with 3RB but am leaning towards D.Driver this week, but am really tempted to go with D.Rhodes,Thanks for any opinions. Also who do you like this week between K.Jones or D.Rhodes thanks again.
  7. Trade advice Please!

    I have been offered W.Dunn,S.Davis and D.Branch for P.Holmes and K.Mccardell. standard scoring,no pts for receptions and 12 man rosters.I will list my team below,and thanks for any input. QB-C.Palmer RB-P.holmes,A.Green,J.Bettis.C.Benson WR-Burelson,T.J ,Mccardell,R.Fergusen,T.Gonzalas K-vinitieri DEf-N.E I feel the trade would give me some depth at RB and Mccardell for Branch is a even swap, but I am having a hard time letting Priest go.I am 1-3 and fading fast. also we can start 3RB/2WR or 3WR/2RB.I would have to drop somebody to make roster legal,probably Fergusen or Tony G.
  8. pick up who

    I think all 3 are decent pick ups but I would go with LLyod,good luck
  9. Trade Advice

    thanks for the input,he has now offered me W.Dunn and C.brown for Priest and T.J He says he wont do Dunn and Brown for Priest but if I can get him to do that is that better than Davis and Brown or is it a toss up?He really wants Priest bad.
  10. Trade Advice

    I have been offered S.Davis and C.Brown for P.holmes 12 team standard performance league w/ 12 man rosters,you can start 3RB 2/WR or 3Wr/2RB I always prefer starting 3RB,My team listed below and thanks for any input. QB-C.Palmer RB's-P.Holmes,A.Green,J.Arrington,C.Benson,J.Bettis WR's-N.Burleson,T.J Housmanzadeh,K.Mccardell,Tony Gonzalas DEF-N.E K-Vinatieri
  11. Which QB to start in week 17?

    Carr for sure as Brees will not play more than 1st half if that.Good luck
  12. Defense Question-Need help!

    Panthers.Good Luck
  13. WR- Help: Porter or Driver

    I would say Porter is your best bet.Good Luck.
  14. Moulds,Clayton,Johnson in that order.Good Luck.