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  1. Cats cut Key

    It wasn't a roster bonus. It was part of his signing bonus that was deferred. They would have had to pay it whether he was on the team or not. ...but it's still a bad move. Now Steve Smith will be double and tripled again. Good job deeks.
  2. Al Wilson to be released

    Damn, how do you replace the heart and soul of your defense. This sucks.
  3. Broncos Being realistic, JARVIS MOSS or REGGIE NELSON.
  4. Dre Bly extended by DEN

    They had a done deal with NYG but he failed his physical. I wonder if they found another taker?
  5. Dre Bly extended by DEN

    Damn, that's a nice chunk of change. I think he'll NOW be happy in Denver!
  6. QUestion

    If someone throws a ball to you, your first instinct is to catch it not swat at it.
  7. oh man, anyone watching this on NFL network?

    What a Glorious day that was to be a Broncos fan!!
  8. Could it really be this simple with Eli?

    FINALLY, someone who agrees with me!!
  9. Draft Position vs Final Standings

    Picked 3rd in a 10 teamer. Finished 3rd overall, 1st in my division. Had a spectacular draft outside of SAlexander!! Drafting Colston with my last pick based on Rajin's advice helped a tad!
  10. Darrent Williams, Denver CB

    That's a horrible way to start off the new year. He will be missed.
  11. Anyone watching this game...where is he?
  12. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. WDIS at RB

    You have balls if you start MBell. The safe bet is Rudi J.
  14. Mustard?

    I need some help from my fellow Huddlers! Me and the wife were watching a game over the weekend and she asked me something I could not answer. She asked me why do people say, "he really put some Mustard on it", after a QB throws a hard pass? Does anyone know what the origin of that phrase is. I googled it, but couldn't find anything good. Anyone know?
  15. Screwed up 1st year in the rules

    Bench points.