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  1. The Twins Are in Trouble

    Tori Hunter - Ichiro just signed for 5 years at 90 million. That just put Hunters value through the roof. The Twins will see if he will stay here for less after the season. If not - we will see Hunter in Boston or New York. Justin Morneau - Reinging AL MVP. He has 24 homers at the break. He did not get a deal done in the offseason. Morneau will be eligible for arbitration before the 2008, 2009 and 2010 seasons before being eligible to file for free agency, so the Twins will have him under contract in 2010, when their new ballpark is scheduled to open. That's also the year Mauer's contract expires. If he stays consistent, they may be able to afford him with the revenues from the new ballpark. Joe Mauer - Hometown boy and reining AL batting champion. He just signed a 4 year deal for 35 million. I think they will do what it takes to keep him around. I think Joe would want to stay here as well. They may be able to afford him with the revenues from the new ballpark. Johan Santana - No need to say a whole lot about this guy other than he is on his way to the hall of fame as the most dominant pitcher. His record since 2003 after the all star break is 41-4. 20-25 million per season is not out of the question. His contract ends after the 2008 season. I am sure he will be shipped out east so the Pohlads can line their pockets from the new ball park for a few years.
  2. It was only a matter of time

    One year we had to do that where two people could not make it. Commish lined up a chat room for those two and the commish. They saw the picks and it went smooth.
  3. 1st round draft picks

    Good info - thanks!
  4. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    First I heard they were asking for 3 draft picks?
  5. Best league host(s)

    Price and reliabilty and yes they are available year round.
  6. Adrian Peterson

    From the Strib blog
  7. Culpepper released

    The Idiot should not have tried to holdout for money with a totally blown out knee. At least we got something for him.
  8. Peter King's Power Rankings

    Its going to be a learning experience for him for sure. He has the arm and the ability to run when needed, something Brad Johnson didn't have. He is going to struggle this year, but I think we will slightly improve over last year.
  9. Peter King's Power Rankings

    Is Tice the Line coach or O-Coord this year? Did he get any credit for that top 5 rushing O?
  10. Peter King's Power Rankings

    In 2006 the Vikings finished: 16th total rushing yards 17th total passing yards 23rd total yards per game 26th is scoring per game I am not saying were tops in anything, but the running game will be improved along with the defense. I can't see that low of ranking based on just Jackson.
  11. Peter King's Power Rankings

    Peter King hates the Vikings.
  12. Best league host(s)

    Does MFL have a waiver wire for every dropped player after the initial waiver wire process? If not, Fanball has that. Fanball has every option available as well and it is cheaper. BTW - I am in two Fanball leagues and 1 MFL league - soon to be two and I prefer Fanball over MFL. How can you say Fanball isn't as customizable as MFL when you don't even use it?
  13. Mock Drafts

    The computer froze on my 3rd and 4th pick and somehow I ended up with Bulger when I was trying to pick Gates. Oh well, maybe next time it will work.
  14. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    They have Michael Vick atop their QB rankings as the best QB.
  15. Mock Drafts

  16. Best league host(s)

    I prefer Fanball. It has all the options you are looking for plus it is the cheapest. Even cheaper the MFL.
  17. What about the current owner that does not keep anybody. He is penalized and has no chance at LT or whoever the new owner gets the 1st pick. The new owners will probably get screwed unless you make it a non-keeper year. Otherwise I would throw them in the random generator and draft as usual. They get a 1st round pick.
  18. Freeney signs $72 million deal with Colts

    How much gauranteed money does Peyton have? I was referring to the elite quarterback and elite pash rushers quote. I wasn't saying the Vikings players were better than Frenney. They were smart to sign them prior to the end of the seson.
  19. Comcast and the NFL Network

    The NFL Network sued Comcast and lost: http://www.nfl.com/nflnetwork/faq_comcast They are still going after them to try and make it free. Nothing like telling people to drop Comcast
  20. Freeney signs $72 million deal with Colts

    60 million in gaurantees is alot of money. We'll see how it shakes out in the next couple years. It makes the Vikings look smart. They signed McKinnie, Kevin Williams and EJ Henderson to extensions during the season last year. Total gaurantees for those three are 36 million with Williams only getting 13 million. Had they waited, the gaurantee money would have been around 50.
  21. Udeze also had it. Surgery was in Oct 05'. Some say his lack of performance last year was from the surgery. We shall see this year...
  22. Supplemental Draft

    July 6, 2007 2007 Supplemental Draft Preview -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scott Wright President, NFL Draft Countdown The Supplemental Draft is held before each season for players who want to enter the NFL but, for one reason or another, were not a part of the traditional draft. All 32 teams are involved in the three-step, weighted process. Teams with six wins or less in 2006 participate in the first lottery for the top six picks, followed by a second group of non-playoff teams and finally a third group of last season's 12 playoff teams. The process works by each team submitting the name of the player(s) they want as well as the round they would like to choose them in, with the highest "bid" being awarded the player. In the case of two teams submitting a request for the same player in identical rounds the team with the higher pick wins out. If a team uses a pick in the Supplemental Draft they forfeit their choice in the corresponding round of the next NFL Draft. More Info On Players Listed Here.
  23. Where's the 07' Sleeper thread?

    Troy Williamson
  24. Any news on A Peterson?