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  1. Man what gives. LT has fallen from fantasy value? How can this be. What a jip. If there was ever a time I need him it's this week, to carry my team into the super bowl. Less than two minutes to end of the game. AAhhh!
  2. Ask and you shall receive. Joe J just scored on a 4 yd pass.
  3. I've got DJ and Joe J. I went with Joe J today and I haven't even seen him yet. Where is he?
  4. I'm starting Chambers and Porter. Glenn vs Was - did well last meeting. Joe J vs Tenn - still viable red zone threat. Horn vs Car - last year posted three tds vs Car - and has a new QB.
  5. craps shoot

    Six receivers enter....only three come out. Who's it gonna be? Chambers vs Jets Porter vs Cle Joe J vs Tenn D Jax vs Tenn J Horn vs Car Glenn vs Was Need three the hard way.
  6. Hugh Pick 3 of these please. Porter vs Cin Glenn vs Wash Chambers vs NYJ Joe J vs Tenn D Jax vs Tenn Horn vs Car and Ferguson Thanks for the help.
  7. Last second decision

    I finally made the correct WR lineup decision. This week I started Chambers/ Joe J/ and T Glenn. That's 1 pt per 20 yds and 6pts per td. 45pts combined on wrs. The rest of my team was Hass/LT/Cadi/S Graham. Here comes the second round of the playoffs.
  8. Terry Glenn or Hines Ward at WR?

    Sorry to barge in on yur thread but I can't get an answer from my own. Would you (being a Saints fan start Horn over Glenn?
  9. Just woke up. Only have a couple of min. Thanks
  10. Working Late

    This is the first week of the playoffs for my league. I drew the worst matchup as I have the worst record of those of us left.....ya... ..Anyway I've repetedly made the wrong choise at WR the past four or five weeks. It's mostly been with Chambers or Joe J sitting on my bench when it should have been J horn. Here is my wr lineup for this week: Joe J vs 49ers C Cambers vs Chargers T Glenn vs Chiefs I have Horn - Porter - D Jax - R Ferguson - M Jones on my bench. Of those I am concidering Porter and Horn. This week I would like to play Horn because of the Mon night spotlight and the rival with Atl, plus Brooks gets to play against his cousin. Normally I would play Porter but Tui hasn't started in a while and he's sure to be rusty. The last time he started, he broke his knee within his fist couple of minutes in. It might of even been the first play. I played him that day. That sucked. Somebody please help
  11. WDIS?

    SJax is a good play this week. He will prove to be a very effective tool against the Min D.
  12. Need Flex Help

    Normally I would suggest one of the RB's, however Eli has found great confidence in Toomer and Toomer has produced. Chi is too tough to expect much from Parker and you never know what to expect with the running game mess in Jax. I would go with Toomer this week. See mine please.
  13. WDIS ?

    I would go ahead and drop Brunnell for Garrard.
  14. WDIS ?

    I would ride out Brady from here on out. If he gets hurt I might concider droping Brunell for someone else...but I'd stay put for now. NE is at the top of thier devision and they have a rep to keep. Brady should perform well throughout.