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  1. Which Defense

    Who's the better start this week considering my QB (K.Warner) is facing the Seattle D. Do I start Seattle vs. AZ, or Pats @ Miami?
  2. J. Lewis or Bush?

    Tough decision because of Bush's playmaking skills, however, even with PPR, if you don't start J.Lewis against the Raiders, when do you start him?
  3. WDIS?

    I think this is easy. I'd start McNair.
  4. Which Defense

    This is good reasoning. Appreciate it. I agree with the matchup analysis(all else being equal), but wasn't sure if my strategy should change due to the Warner and Seattle being head to head. But I think what you're saying is, Pats probably have a better chance for a big Defensive game, and if Warner gets into a shoot out, i could get the best of both worlds instead of hedging 1 position agains the other. Thanks for your input!
  5. Hugh/ Which Defense this week? Seattle (vs. AZ), or Pats (@Jets). Keep in mind my starting QB is K. Warner and he plays Seattle this week. Do I start the D that faces my QB, or go with the Pats? Thanks
  6. Which Defense

    Alexandernevermid-thanks. Do you lean this way purely on the Defensive matchups, or because my QB would be going agains my D, if I start Seattle?
  7. sounds suspicious, but if the Lineup Report shows it was made Saturday, then it may have been a website error. I'd check with nfl.com support and see if they know anything, and ask them if there is a way the Commish can change the dates on the lineup activity report. I'm the Commish for our league, (cbs.Sportsline). in 4 years never had anything like this happen with that site.
  8. WK 2 Starting WR combination

    I like R.Smith and I.Bruce mainly because they are proven. To me Colston is a wait and see. Could really become valuable, but I would hate to start him based on 1 week's play (even though his matchup is good).

    If these are your best options, your hurting. Sorry, but you probably already know that. Randal El/ Tenn RB situation is bad, White won't start, he's got an ankle injury as well. Who know's how much he plays if any.
  10. Start Coles or Bryant?

    I agree Coles. He's a favorite target for Pennington. You know he'll get his catches. Bryant is higher risk, I think Coles is safer.
  11. DEN or PIT

    T.P is probably. I play Pitt no doubt even with the enticing Den matchup, I play Pitt every week except the bye.
  12. nice decision to have to make. both are good options. I favor Hasselbeck.
  13. Regiie Wayne for Randy Moss

    I would do it. Moss will probably have 1 or 2 huge games, over 100 yards and a couple touchdowns, but will have many sub par games. I think Wayne will be much more consistent and a better performer.
  14. I would do it no doubt. Crumpler is better than McMichael. Smith (once he's on the field) is better than Johnson. Smith will play, but not until he is 100% healthy, probably not until week 3.
  15. Hurting @ RB

    I'm hurting at RB this week. Wich 2 should I start along side Tiki, Holt, and D.Jackson (I can start 4 WR and only Tiki) C.Brown @ SD K.Jones @ Bears L.Evans @ Miami A.Bryant vs. Rams Thanks!
  16. Hurting @ RB

    hoops, you're probably right. I guess I didn't draft K.Jones in the 3rd round to bench him already......
  17. This is a no brainer. Rhodes. Branch is not playing. Gado doesn't know the offense.
  18. 3rd reciever?

    Chambers, Driver and Walker
  19. Who should I pick up off waivers

    Honestly if your best options are Cotchery or Booker, I don't think it matters.
  20. Big trade!

    I would not do it. Once Smith is healthy your team is very solid. Smith is handling his injury correctly. He won't play until he know's he won't damage it further, so I don't think it will be one of this lingering all year long injuries.
  21. WDIS

    And I thought I was in a touch matchup situation at RB this week. Wow. I have C.Brown also, but don't think he is starting. Maybe Lundy? Tough to sit Jordan but after last weeks Monday night embarassment, and solid Ravens D.....he is risky risky.
  22. WDIS

    Rhodes and Mason and assuming S.Smith is out (I would be very surprised if he plays), then it's a coin flip between Bruce and R. Smith. I probably lean toward R. Smith
  23. Koren Robinson

    Why Not. But I wouldn't expect a whole lot from either.
  24. Which QB Should I get?

    I would probably go for Alex Smith, but honestly, I think Favre vs. NO is a good matchup and he'll produce.