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  1. And for the big game my #2 RB is .....

    With Fragile Fred banged up, MJ-D is going to have a big day. Definitely start him. (I am.)
  2. Interested in hearing how your league does it. Thanks.
  3. MJ-D or Tatum Bell?

    Rest of my lineup is sorted. Just having a little trouble picking an RB2 (went with Alexander last night). Thanks for the help. Maurice Jones-Drew @ TEN, or Tatum Bell @ ARI (Standard scoring, no points per reception.)
  4. Weekly M. BarberIII v. J Jones

    Another vote for Barber. I'm starting him with Alexander and am expecting a nice week from my RBs.
  5. Vick @ TB Romo vs. NO Betts vs. PHI McAllister @ DAL Henry @ HOU First round of playoffs. Thanks for the help. -- 10 yds rush/rec = 1 pt 25 yds pass = 1 pt TD of 40 or more yds = 1 bonus pt
  6. Gore or Thomas Jones?

    Go with Gore. Bet you anything he goes over 200 yards.
  7. Romo vs Colts

    I'm also starting Romo over Vick.
  8. Betts or Henry?

    Need a partner for Deuce. 1 pt per 10 yds rushing or receiving, no pts per reception. Thanks.
  9. 10 yds ru/re = 1 pt TD = 6 TD of 40 yds or more = 1 bonus pt 0 pts/rec Start two: McAllister vs. CIN Henry @ PHI Droughns vs. PIT Maroney @ GB Betts @ TB (Lost Portis to injury, traded R. Brown away, here's what I'm left with.) Leaning McAllister and Henry. Any dissenters? Thanks a lot for the help.
  10. Vick @ CIN Carr @ TEN McAllister vs. BAL Droughns vs. NYJ 10 yds ru/re = 1 pt 25 yds pa = 1 pt TD = 6 (+1 bonus if 40 or more yds) Rest of lineup: RB Henry (Portis on bye) WR D. Jackson, C. Johnson, Mason TE Crumpler K Stover D Philadelphia Thanks for the input.
  11. Trade Portis for Vick?

    To be more specific, "standard scoring" means: 25 yds passing = 1 pt 10 yds rushing = 1 pt TD = 6 pts Turnover = -2 pts
  12. Standard scoring. My roster: QB Bledsoe, Romo, Carr RB Portis, R. Brown, McAllister, Henry, Maroney WR Harrison, D. Jackson, Mason, Moulds, M. Jones TE Crumpler, De. Clark K Stover, Scobee D Philadelphia No real upgrades available on waivers, and the Vick owner has McNabb, so he might deal. Is Portis for Vick worth it? Thanks.
  13. I can start two QBs. McNabb is my #1.
  14. Trade advice- never traded before

    Hard to tell without seeing your roster (or which Moss you're talking about), but I'd say no. Alexander will be back soon, and he's way too valuable to trade away without getting a true stud in return.