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  1. Sit/Start

    this is gonna go over well
  2. CBS Sportsline

    thanks guys, i assumed it was available. weve used it for 3 years now and actually had a couple of ties last year. so i suggested the decimal thing and he said he couldnt find the option when setting up the scoring last night.
  3. CBS Sportsline

    does anyone know if you can adjust your scoring to decimal. our commisioner cant seem to find it if the option is available.
  4. wsop final table if anyones interested

    sorry doesnt look like the link is working i musta done something wrong
  5. http://a368.l2047451863.c20474.g.lm.akamai...reflector:51863
  6. WSOP Update

  7. odell thurman suspended

    its been rumored around here for awhile, mark curnutte bengals beat writer just confirmed it on alocal radio station.
  8. odell thurman suspended

    suspended first four games of year for violating nfls substance abuse policy
  9. You're First Hottie you remember seeing

    wonder woman kinda did it for me
  10. Best Baseball Player

    johnny vander meer was the guy that threw back to back no hitters. only guy to do this in major league history, but he finished with like a career record of 119-121 with a very good era of 3.44
  11. Best Baseball Player

    cincinnati reds position player peter edward rose pitching its a tough call, seaver was the best to ever wear a reds uniform but hes a met. id have to lean towards don gullett he was pretty damn good until injuries cut his carreer short
  12. Steeler Fans Rejoice

    you must be dissapointed you posted this article nearly 6 hours ago, and not one bite from bengals,ravens, nor browns fans. oh wait a minute you posted this in reference to spain being on other boards. yea right.
  13. this is from a local radio hosts blog page so its kinda speculation, but dave lapham is the guys source and lap has a pretty good idea when it comes to this type of stuff. On Carson: Carson Palmer is now 8-9 weeks ahead of schedule. It now appears he will start the season as he is progressing rapidly. Team doctors are very encouraged that he has strengthened the leg to a point they feel is adequate. He now moves into a stretching and aerobic phase, where he will stretch the muscles more and build the endurance in the leg. The team originally felt that Carson wouldn't begin this phase until just prior to camp in July. On Chris Henry: Chris Henry's latest incident just validated the fact he will not be a Bengal for very long. In fact Chris started to drift away from the advice Marvin had given him less than three weeks ago and is back doing the things he shouldn't be doing. The continuance of his case in Florida is no big deal as it appears he will walk away from that incident with little if any punishment from the court. The recent DUI most likely will be reduced to a Reckless Operation per what I'm told by a team official. Even though he will skirt major legal trouble he will not be Bengal long as the decision has been made. AJ Nicholson: Once the truth comes out AJ will be released of all charges. The team will not take action against AJ and will welcome his return, but his contract will be designed with clauses to protect the team and ensure he chooses better people to associate with if he plans on being paid. OL: Now that Levi Jones' agent and the Bengal's have exchanged no less than five proposals I see hope that a deal will be done by camp. From what I have seen, the differences are not that far off that it will keep the deal from getting done. Eric Steinbach isn't any closer to signing and appears to be headed towards free agency in 2007. As for Willie Anderson the team will address Willie once they complete a deal for Levi. Willie Anderson deal wouldn't come until August or September at the earliest. Players that have impressed: One player who has stepped up to the challenge is wide receiver Antonio Chatman. His repoire with teammates and workmanship has impressed. Antonio will be a nice fit in this offense in 2006. Tory James looks good. He's much more fit than he was in 2005 and his acceleration in the drop is very quick. Tory has taken the offseason to rededicate himself and has looked very impressive so far.
  14. thanks sports illustrated

    pittsburgh fans=way to easy