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  1. Pats sign S Rashad Baker

    "That's what happens to bad guys." Wow, you should look for a job writing for Disney...Good guys always win, bad guys always get punished, and the world is fair and balanced. Did Trent green get knocked out in the first game this season because he's a bad guy? How about Curtis Martin not being able to play because he's bone on bone -- is he also a bad man? I can agree that Harrison is a dirty player, but I just don't buy your theory that there's some karmic force regulating NFL injuries --- otherwise why hasn't a piano fallen on Romanowski?
  2. Chester Taylor's Status

    Is that because you think the injury is serious? As far as his performance goes for the rest of the season his schedule is much easier then the first half, so I'd expect him to stay the same or improve rather than decline performance-wise as long as the injury isn't serious.
  3. late vick hit

    off of Yahoo: The Associated Press reports New York Giants LB Antonio Pierce has been fined $12,500 by the NFL for his hit on Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick during the Week 6 game. The fine was anticipated because Pierce admitted the hit on Vick was in retaliation for the cut-blocking that he endured from Atlanta offensive linemen during the game. Does anyone else think that this punishment seems a soft when Pierce openly admits it was on purpose? Does anyone think that it's cowardly to go after the QB from behind out of bounds instead of the players Pierce is supposedly angry at? I am not a Vick fan, I think he's on track for the distinction of being the most overhyped player ever, but it pisses me off that Pierce openly admits that he took a cheap shot in "retaliation" for a perfectly legal aspect of the game, and the league barely bats an eye lash. Vick won't miss this week's game, but his shoulder kept him out of Wednesday's practice and has bothered him all week. I guess the Falcons are lucky that Vick doesn't throw anyway.
  4. Portis and Saunders

    I think Portis will start getting more carries, but I was surprised to see that he only had 14 carries last week. Anyone have ideas on why Portis was kept out of the game plan last week (I didnt' watch that game). Saunder's comment that he's getting used to Portis as a player seemed odd to me, as it's been out for a while now that Portis is a strong RB and his offense relied heavily on that position in KC. From Yahoo: Ryan O'Halloran, of the Washington Times, reports Washington Redskins RB Clinton Portis admits he expected to play a larger role in the club's new offensive system. "I have to adapt to his game plan," Portis said of offensive coordinator Al Saunders. "The game plan isn't just suited to me. It's a team effort and it's about spreading the ball around and getting the touches to all of the play makers. Right now, I haven't been getting the carries I expected to get, but it'll come." Likewise, Saunders is still getting accustomed to having a player like Portis in his backfield. "It's an ongoing thing," Saunders said. "linton missed training camp, has been in and out of the lineup the first several games. I'm just starting to get the feel for him."
  5. ~~Defenses to start Week 6~~

    Assuming a deeper or league full of defensive hoarders (most of the D's mentioned above are already taken in mine) I like Buff against Det - Detroits line couldn't protect Kitna, and now they're dealing with even more injuries along the line. It also looks like Roy Williams will not play - if he does go he won't be 100%. They should probably have to rely on the ground game more considering the receiver issues, but K. Jones also got banged up. Buff got smacked around last week, but I think that's more of a comment on Chicago's strength then Buff's weakness, so I'm thinking they'll come in pissed off and hungry against a wounded team.
  6. Moss --- if he don't produce this week........

    Moss said he wouldn't oppose a trade (maybe that's obvious) is there any chance that happens? Probably not, I guess, but I can't be objective on the subject because I drafted him.

    I'd go with Tenn - they've proven week in and week out so far their prowess at giving up points to fantasy defenders. Tampa bay has had their bye week to help prepare - Leinart has better weapons available to him and they'll be motivated to bounce back plus KC might let down. All of this is speculation as Defenses are toughest to handicap, but I would be most surprised if Tenn suddenly turns things around, rather than the Bucs or Cards.
  8. Pot shots at Haynesworth?

    Do you think other players are likely to go after this guy? or will it have died down a month from now. I'd assume that people wouldn't want to be on the field with such an idiot, but maybe players are more willing to give his action a pass because they're used to being in a violent profession where agression pays off - they might be more forgiving to a "lost in the moment" defense. I haven't seen too many reactions or quotes by players - just Haynesworth and the Dallas center (Gurod? I forget how to spell his name) I am surprised that none of the Dallas players went after him - I know that most of them missed it, were celebrating - but once they knew what was going on. Maybe they were too shocked, or because they're professionals they didn't want to hurt their team. If I was a professional I wouldn't want to have to take the field against this idiot.
  9. Chester Taylor?

    I missed this game. Did Taylor seem slowed down by his Wednesday ankle sprain, or was it just good play by the Bills and bad blocking by the Vikes.
  10. Wow

    I agree that it was a cowardly act and he should be suspended. I'm curious how other NFL players will view the incident. Are they likely to be just as outraged - after all they're in a career dependent on them to stay healthy. Stupid stunts like that could end someone's career. Or, do you think NFL players would be more likely to forgive such an act than us, the fans, because they're used to training themselves to be agressive and might be more sympathetic to a "getting caught up in the moment" defense. Note, I'm not defending the action and think such a rationale is bulloh poopy - I'm just wondering how players will view this. Also, do you think people will play him differently (obviously won't turn their backs after a play) or attempt retaliation if/when this momo returns.
  11. WR - WDIS - R. Brown or G. Jennings

    I agree that you should go with Jennings. Brown won't get as much attention if Stallworth is playing.
  12. M.Drew or V.Morency

    Obviously, wait until the last minute to hear updates on Green, otherwise start Drew for the reason you stated. Unless Green is ruled out, I'd start Drew.
  13. Would you play in this league...

    I did mess up the post-team rosers - thanks. But since I had the first part right, I'm assuming that most people think it's a fair trade. I guess I just need to relax, thanks for the feedback everyone.
  14. Would you play in this league...

    The following trade happened in one of my leagues: It's a 12 team league of 16 roster spots/team. Team 1: Pennington Droughns Wright (browns RB) Colston for Team 2: T. Brady D. McCallister R. McMichael N. Kaeding Personally, I don't like this trade at all - I think Team 2 got screwed. But I'm not so much concerned about 1 bad trade, but the fact that the owner of team 2 seems to be completely "on tilt" to use a poker analogy. He's 0-3 and now has only 5 of 16 original players remaining on his roster (D. davis was because of injury). I don't think he's colluding or purposely tanking, but he's making poor enough decisions to affect the competitiveness of the league. To me, if someone turns over 2/3rds or their team in the first 3 weeks, it seems like they're just trying to throw crap at the wall and see what will stick. Unfortunately, this guy has been trading for crap. The way our league is set up he has every right to play poorly if that's what he chooses and I'm against vetoing trades. I have to decide whether or not it's worth staying in this league. What do you guys think about the trade? How do you handle when poor decisions are affecting the competitiveness of a league? Our league awards 1 pt 10yards ru, 15 yards rec, 25 yards passing. All TD's = 6. Required lineup: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, W/TE, TE, K, Def Below are the rosters post trade. Traded players in bold. Team 1: QB T. Brady QB J. Plummer QB T. Green WR L. Fitzgerald WR D. Driver RB L. Johnson RB D. McCallister RB L. Maroney RB M. Bennet TE B. Watson TE D. Clark TE R. McMichael W/T D. Jackson K J. Kasay K. N. Kaeding DEF St. Louis Team 2: QB C. Pennington WR K. Johnson WR Sa. Moss WR M. Jenkins WR R. Smith WR T. Taylor RB S. Jackson RB C. Dillon RB R. Droughns RB J. Wright RB M. Anderson TE M. Colston TE J. Stevens W/T B. Edwards K M. Stover DEF Carolina
  15. Vince Young to start tomorrow?

    Young looked better than Collins against SD, but he was also in once the game was out of hand. How do people think Young will do tomorrow. i specifically picked up the Cowboys D to start, but now I might go with the Bills instead. I'm a USC fan, so I still have nightmares about Vince Young and a defense that apparently didn't get the memo that they'd be playing against "a grown ass man" in the words of Boldin. I'm a big enough man to admit that I'm petty enough to be unduly bitter and hope that Young's entire career is a complete and utter waste. Okay, that's inviting bad karma, but at least his rookie year deserves to be embarassing. A pox upon Vince Young.