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  1. RB & WR HELP

    any more????
  2. RB & WR HELP

    Need a bit of HELP, its play-off time and I NEVER make it thru the first round!!!!! 12 Team performance PPR laegue.... Select 2 RB: Brown, Ronnie MIA RB vs Patriots Buckhalter, Correll PHI RB at Redskins Fason, Ciatrick MIN RB at Lions Jones, Kevin DET RB vs Vikings Morris, Sammy MIA RB vs Patriots Westbrook, Brian PHI RB at Redskins Select 3 WR: Booker, Marty MIA WR vs Patriots Clayton, Mark BAL WR at Chiefs Cotchery, Jerricho NYJ WR vs Bills Holt, Torry STL WR vs Bears Jones, Matt JAC WR

    That is a tough call..........KJ has alot more rec, is basically the every down back.....but, the chance to get Holt would make me think, especially with the connection you would have.....Not too sure it's completly wort it, but you couldnt go wrong with either decision....... Off the top of my head, it does seem as though Det puts more points (and gives up more) on the board, which leads to more oppturnity's for KJ????
  4. Trade advice

    I should add that this is in a PPR ferformance league...... Thats what I was figuring, no need for Brown, and KJ should do better then Dunn from this point forward?
  5. Trade advice

    12 Team performance keeper (4 players) league... Current team... Palmer (dropin Brunell) (1) Tatum/Maroney/Leon/Dunn (2) Reggie Brown/Coles/Colston/Driver/Henry/Stallworth (3) Des Clark/LJ Smith (1) Vander (1) Chic/NE/NO (1) Can trade Dunn & R.Brown FOR Kevin Jones & Booker HIS roster.. McNabb/Vick Buck/Drougns/Gore/KJ/D.Williams Booker/Burress/Caldwell/Kenninson/Reggie Williams Dal Clark/Stevens Brown Det/Ind/Gia I look at it this way, I really like KJ, Dunn is old and I dont have to worry about what Phi WR to start???????? What are all your thoughts on this one??
  6. WDIS

    Need to strart 2 RB's in a PPR perform league... Ronnie Brown vs. GB Kevin Jones @ Jets Westbrook @ TB thanks.... Good luck all....
  7. RB starter

    ANYMORE THOUGHTS????? I still cant decide???? Which 2 would YOU start? R.Brown vs. GB KJ @ Jets Westbrook @ TB thanks and GL to all...............

    Again, are there ANY rules for a veto?? If so - USE them, IF not, make them! A league is NOT the sole responsibility of the commish....All owners should have been invited to help establish league rules.... ALSO, keep this forum POSTED with the weekly results for the 2 owners involved.....
  9. RB starter

    ummm, excuse my dumb a$$... Westbrook @ TB, NOT DETROIT

    Out of curiosity.....i have ran one league since 96, many trades have been made throughout those years and only a fraction of the owners have came out and asked who they could get for the player(s) they are offering...I know I dont like to make anything public, as it can actually BACK fire on you..... And now looking at the players involved in this trade, well Im not too sure if it is all that lopsided...Are we looking at the players past - or present production? SA has the Jinx, Moss is with a FED up franchise, and Bryant, wellIm not sold on him.... In return for... Jennings, quickly becoming Favres favorite, and Brady who is gaining trust in his WR's once again... pretty even if you ask me....who has more POTENTIAL, well it's obvious, the one receiving SA and Moss, BUT, I would rather be getting the other side......... JMHO!
  11. RB starter

    I need to start 2 RB's in a PPR perform league. All year I have started R.Brown and Westbrook with KJ on the bench.....Would you keep him there? Im a detroiter and dont want to jinx my team.....I dont even know if any combonation would be that much better then the other - which, is why I am here asking for more opinions... Which 2 would YOU start? R.Brown vs. GB KJ @ Jets Westbrook vs. Det thanks and GL to all...............

    How many years has this league been running? If more then one then it is the leagues fault - owners, for not having a vote of some sorts to decide fairness of trades......If this is the first year, well if all the owners in the league feel the same way you do then the commish should have to veto the trade, then make a rule that will be used in the years to come..........
  13. Waiver move..

    Quick note, the waiver moves from week to week.....but yea, ill prob have the 1st pick again next week...... thanks, any others? Scoring on D's is for; Yards allowed, over 400 is into negatives as well as over 37's are worth 2 a piece...safty 3, sack is is 6 comparision... McNabb 207 Bulger 150 LT 125 LJ 120 Holt 153 Coles 130 Eric Parker 46 Chicago 212 Balt 185 ARZ 78
  14. Waiver move..

    12 team TE PPR performance league w/ starting line-up of the typ 1/2/3/1/1/1....D's are pretty big, points for everything including yards and points allowed...the later 2 can go into the negatives... I have the 1st waiver move this week as my team has never produced Current team, planned starters underlined for remainder of the season, except for bye weeks of course......... Brady/Vick R.Brown/JJ/Benson/Jones-drew/Washington CJ/Deion/Coles/Rod Smith/Wes Welker LJ Smith/Desmond Clark KC/Sea Avaliable to be claimed... ARZ D / Eric Parker are the two im looking at, need advice by 11:00et....would you sit tight on the WR starters shown and pick up ARZ, but who would you drop then? thanks everyone...........
  15. WR Ranks

    Im looking to pick up a WR for depth in a 12 team PPR performance league..... The 3 im looking at are: R.Williams (JAX) Colston (NOS) Cotchery (NYJ) thanks for your thoughts....