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  1. Edgerrin James

    if you're saying here that opposing Ds aren't showing any respect to the Zona passing game, I (1) disagree and (2) think that any team that would do that is run by an idiot. I haven't seen anyone overplaying James.
  2. Edgerrin James

    This is a classic argument that's been had a thousand times - problem is that it's pretty much impossible to test the relevant theories without picking up RBs and dropping them behind o-lines of differing talent to see how they perform. Of course some RBs are just better than others - there's no arguing that. It's just that sometimes it's tough to tell who should be getting the credit for a RBs good/poor play - the RB or the line. It's obvious that Edge is great behind a good o-line, but I'm not sure that anyone can truly say that Shipp and Arrington are still sub-par behind an average or good o-line - how would you know?
  3. Edgerrin James

    Is that what I said? My point is simply that guys like Shipp and Arrington were written off as sub-par RBs for failing to produce behind this line . . . but an established stud like Edge isn't doing much behind it either.
  4. Edgerrin James

    if you want to be amused, check Edge's ypc this year against Arrington's and Shipp's ypc last year - good stuff. PS - Edge's is worse that both of the others
  5. Lamest Replica Jersey You Own

    Chris Slade - #53 Pats.
  6. McNabb

  7. Kevin Jones.....

    I've been saying for weeks that people need to get off this guy's back - he had 2 very tough matchups at the beginning of the year (not to mention that these were the first 2 games under a completely new system) and people were ready to write him off. Kevin Jones is an extremely talented runner who, unfortunately, has been the victim of a terrible offensive system for the last year or so (he also had a bum shoulder for much of last year). Now that the Martz O seems to be clicking a bit, you're seeing what he can do given the chance. He's still not (i) having a ton of holes opened up for him or (ii) getting 20+ carries, but he's certainly making the most of what he's getting.
  8. I'm not tryin to jinx anything.......

    you still sticking by your 13-3 prediction for the Steelers, chief?
  9. Reuben Droughns

    Just pulled this one off the wire: "Rueben Droughns is not a good running back."
  10. nurse says TO taken out of context

    Barrett Robbins - but he was also somewhat crazy. His episodes were a lot worse than this.
  11. nurse says TO taken out of context

    ever read about his upbringing? his life has been less than easy, depsite the amount of financial success that he's currently enjoying. money ain't everything.
  12. Matt Jones

    anyone watching? has Jones been on the field at all?
  13. Matt Jones

    I'm leaving him in b/c I think he'll see action in the red zone, regardless of whether he tweaks the groin.
  14. matt jones owners

    Pairing a risky, high-upside guy with WR2 potential with a safer, less spectacular WR3/4 - looks like we all had the same idea.
  15. Please note that I didn't say that this applies to everyone involved with education - there are obviously plenty of teachers, professors, etc. who attack education by appealing to interests (these are the good ones). There are also plenty who teach directly out of textbooks - that's what I'm getting at here.