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  1. Nothing against the little guy trying to scratch the surface, but USA Today Sports (theHuddle's momma) may prefer to sell you advertising space. User Agreement may have more info about it when we all signed up. Don't be surprised or upset if your links get eliminated or altered.
  2. Brady...pretty accurate.

    -David- (not Derek) Carr, possibly. Dak Prescott definitely not. Miss the annual Brees vs Rivers passing competitons.
  3. Cam Akers out for 2021

    2021 Deadcap - Rams are paying him $8.4mil to -not- play for them https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/todd-gurley-16734/
  4. Cam Akers out for 2021

    Drafted Xavier Jones with the final pick in our rookie/free agent draft immediately after the NFL draft. 50 TDs (rushing, receiving and even passed for 2) in college. Tied former Rams great Eric Dickerson's TD rush/receive record at SMU. Outstanding highlight film since, you know... everything is a TD. Diving over the top, up the middle, run outside, passing, receiving, juke the entire 11 man defense. He has a highlight for all. Not invited to the Combine last year. UDFA made the team even with a COVID affected non-off-season. Wishful thinking, I'm sure! .... Bell or Peterson? Maybe. Gurley after the contract fiasco and they know his medicals... nope.
  5. Rodgers wants out of GB

    One doesn't. And that should be a ding against Rekroot's Huddle account for posting BS.
  6. Rodgers wants out of GB

    https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter Source check.
  7. NFL will release 2021 schedule Wed. May 12

    I just want to know the bye week setup so we can modify the new fantasy schedule to match. Fingers crossed first playoff week isnt heavy on byes...
  8. Alex Smith announces retirment

    Title of thread...
  9. Alex Smith announces retirment

    Well, that was a short retirement. Well earned, Alex. Well earned!
  10. Darnold traded to Carolina

    Younger than Joe Burrow, currently age 24.
  11. Tom Brady extends 1 year with Bucs

    Tom Brady, Buccaneers agree to terms on one-year extension
  12. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Brady has more rings than any NFL franchise.
  13. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Unsure how much was live singing versus lip sync. Equal volume when pulling the microphone a foot+ from the mouth. Some extra words that were pre-programmed? No subtle inflections while moving.
  14. Rams dc Brandon Staley is the Chargers' new head coach

    At least he doesn’t have to move houses, just has to come in the stadium’s back door now.