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  1. wdis

    Go with Fitz. Lelie is Stallworth reincarnated, he will be primed for a breakout season every year but it will never happen.
  2. WDIS. Favre or Greise

    Welcome Bigdre13, I see you just joined today. Thanks for the advice, if I may throw some back at you, while I may start Griese over Favre this week, I don't think I would start Ben Rothlisb...... against NE over Favre, JMOT.
  3. WDIS: Favre v. Griese (they play each other) Looked all through the forum and was not able to find this WDIS question. Maybe I'm over thinking it but for some reason I am leaning towards Griese. Favre has been less than impressive, and his heroics last week came predominately in the fourth quarter. Griese is consistent and I see him putting up 250 and 2 TD's (to get the 99th and 100th of his career) against GB. While Favre throws picks to the Bucs D all day. The scoring in this particular league is unlike any other league I have ever been in. Basically it's a yardage league with 1 point per passing yard, 25 pts. per TD, -10 for an INT and -25 for a pick 6. WDIS, Favre or Griese
  4. wdis

    This is a no brainer in my book...Clayton! Green Bay will stack the line attempting to stop Cadailac and make Greise beat them in the air, which he will. When teams start stacking the line against the Bucs Clayton will be in man coverage reaping the benefits.
  5. Who do I drop for TE filler?

    Don't want to take the 0 at the TE spot. My RB's are C. Martin and Tomilson. I was thinking of dropping Griese but now I am actually thinking of starting him over Favre because of the Bucs D. I guess the question it who to drop Dayne or Shipp? I'm leaning towards Dayne.
  6. With Heap on a bye this week I need to pick up TE filler. Picking one is not so much a problem as is dropping someone. Usually I have one or two "rotating bench spots" but I really don't want to drop any of right now. My bench is: Griese Chris Brown Ron Dayne Shipp Deion Branch Stockley C. Martin is one of my backs so I'm hesitant to drop a potential starting back and I love my back up WR's. Any advise?
  7. Ron Dayne?

    Me too, but I stashed him away on my bench last week so when it does happen I got him. Pick him if you have the room.
  8. Marcel Shipp

    Agreed, he is worth a waiver claim. I have one in for him. Could be a useful flex as the season rolls on. Don't give up too much for him though. I'm dropping Tatum Bell to try and get him.
  9. You most likely drafted Harrison before Westbrook so why would you make that trade now? Don't sell him too low. The same thing happened last year with Harrison. He started a little slow and everyone sold him low, don't make the mistake so many made last year.
  10. McNair done

    The Titans made official what had been speculated for a couple weeks, as coach Jeff Fisher announced that Steve McNair would sit out the final three games of the 2004 season. McNair suffered a bruised sternum in a September 26 game against Jacksonville and subsequently missed five of the next 10 starts and was knocked out of two other games. McNair will have surgery to reinforce his sternum, taking bone from his hip and grafting it to his sternum to encourage bone growth there. Fisher said the surgery has not been scheduled, and that McNair could resume working out about six weeks after surgery. At a press conference earlier today, McNair indicated that he intends "to be able to come back and play with this team again" next season.
  11. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 15

    Hugh....any thoughts on the best 2 of these 3 for this week, yardage league 2 pts per yard rec 25 pts per td L.Coles,J walker and A boldin...I am leaning towards Coles and Boldin..any thoughts...thanks
  12. Help me beat MSAINT and COMITTED!

    play Volek agains't Oakland, avoid all bills except for def, weather issues this weekend thats my take,,,and good luck
  13. FFTOC help

    you are such a P***Y, posting your ignore list names...your pathetic!..maybe you wouldn't get some of the reponses you get if you didn't post retarded repsonses yourself, there have been times when i have posted serious questions only to be bombarded with ignorant repsonses from your self and your band of losers..so once and for all....bite me you punk!
  14. Your NFL Christmas Wish/Gift

    Bring Dimebag Darrell back, thats my wish
  15. Priest is DONE for 2004!

    I read the message on the site, and no where does it say that he is out for the year, you added that line ...he says he is sorry and hopes you still have racked up the points in his absence..no mention of being done for the year..you post the link yet you still get it wrong...helmethead!!!