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  1. Trading for a Reciever

    Fitz - Pro young qb in a high powered, throw the ball offense. Con-Injury Colston - Pro Brees looks to him cuz he's a huge target and can run after catch Con - Horn is getting old and less of a threat means more double teams on Colston, Bush stealing receptions (though this could be a pro with Safety staying up to cover Bush on swing passes), Brees getting older (but I doubt he'll fall off too much next year) Holt- see last post I think both would be good but Fitz has a little more upside especially if you get points per reception. AZ has no run game. Depends upon who Leinart develops chemistry with.
  2. Starting Fason

    What a waste of a start for Fason! I picked him up to spell taylor and ended up with a real dud. Meanwhile JJ discovered the end zone while sitting on my bench. Thank goodness Drew-Jones found the EZ 3 times.
  3. WDIS

    Djax had better have a good game. Mason outplayed Clayton and now I'm down. Other player played Housh and Rudi.
  4. WDIS

    Playing spoiler role in my league. Will knock out my arch nemesis from playoffs with a win. Thursday night game. Djax is lining up against the Champ. Will Mason be in a shootout with Cincy or will BAL be so dominant that the Birds will just run the ball and toss to Heap? I'll answer yours.
  5. McGahee?

    Has anyone heard if McGahee (vs. A-Train) will get the start today. Not the best matchup but my alternative is T Jones vs. NE?
  6. DJax for Westbrook

    I wish my westbrook guy was this gullible.
  7. Kicker Help

    available kickers: Tynes n@STL O. Mare @CHI Rayner@BUF Scobee@TEN M Anderson@DET Any thoughts on any of these kickers. Need a win 4-4 and season on line.
  8. Must Win!

    I agree.
  9. I'd shop both of them around. I think no matter which you end up keeping they'll both have some nice upside. With stevens coming into the mix defenses will also have to keep an eye on the middle with a BIG TE.
  10. Seattle Homers

    cut franks and go with either stevens or wrightser. I like both of their prospects down the road with stevens getting a bigger nod. He'll be in the mix soon enough
  11. QB WDIS

    Need a win real bad this week. Brady on the road where they will favor the run or Bledsoe at home hoping that the top performing Bledsoe shows up and the Giants D doesn't I'll answer yours of course.
  12. IDP Scoring

    I'm the commish of a keeper league and we're incorporating IDPs next year and dropping team defense. Any suggestions for number of players, positions, and points.
  13. V. Young

    I've got him in my keeper league but not yet sold on him. Other options?
  14. Mason

    Mason is killing me in both leagues. was really banking on that old mcnair mason magic this year. What a letdown.
  15. Keeper league: Thinking of dropping Kennison for Chris Perry. I'm going to get Reggie Brown on waivers this week for Mason so I don't need help in WR. Any thoughts?