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  1. Is it to early to think about Baseball?

  2. Christmas and FF playoff's

  3. I know I have more important things to worry about, Like my Family but I'll Miss you guys....See you next Year...... I'll even miss Grit's...... On a serious note, Kept up the support...our Troops, me included, appreciate everything from back home...The little things mean more than you'll ever know.......Especially around the holidays......IrihPride Ssgt USAF......Thanks, see you next year!
  4. S. Alexander says Panthers his #2 choice

    It's all about the money........I hate when people say that about him or A-Rod. If I could get a job making two or three times as much money, I would, So does that make me a bad person? The last time I checked, I think the last person that stuck around for veteran minimum was the Bus and he finally got a ring. Loyalty has worked a couple of times in pro sports but until you have lived in there shoes its hard to judge their motivation. There job is a game they get paid to play...not a bad deal if you can make tons of cash.......Loyalty only works with dogs not in professional sports, dogs die of old age, loyal players get cut when they loose a step.....I'm a blue collar worker and work hard for my money, It's not like this is a rich persons perspective...If the players don't get the money, the owners will.
  5. Another reason to hate unions

    USAF and Frieght Railroad Employee.....Of course a union member.....As coporate america outsources work and the goverment relies more and more on contractors.......Even in combat situations.......Work standards today are a direct result of the "union" founders......Are working standards safe enough for the the absolute abolishment of unions? I don't know but I will say one thing,"The nfl players association and "Pro Sports Unions" Should never be mention in the same sentence as those poor miners.......If the actual worker gets paid less and flips the bill for his or her health insurance....Do the executives give the surplus to charity or do they line their own pockets? Unioins were established for a purpose and it may have gone off course over time........But so hasn't the american dream....$300,000 house and one kid because college is so expensive, wasn't my grandfathers idea of the american dream.
  6. The Qb Slide Rule!

    I'm not gonna argue with you but " According to the rules, if you are past the line of scrimmage there can be no sack. Sacks only occur behind the line of scrimmage." I know that but the whole point was sliding if I can slide.....Why not run past the line of scrimage? I avoid the sack and don't get killed? But if I can't slide I may throw it or take loss...It's a forum not and english class, I'll give you the NFL Rules but thats what were discussing.........I just don't like the rule!
  7. The Qb Slide Rule!

    I don't understand why the Qb is allowed to slide? If he he scrambles and run's past the line of scrimmage, He gets credited rushing yards? Why is he so special? A Rb gets hit no matter where he is? With the new breed of rushing or mobile Qb's, A defensive player is always at a disadvantage? M.Vick or even Vince Young "Next year", They rush one play for 5yds and slide, then the very next play they rush for 30yds and don't slide but run out of bounds? Your a defensive player running at him worrying about the slide or some ridiculous move they are gonna make on you and bam, your the "POD"! We all know seeing yourself get juked over and over on national TV is gotta be fun right? I just think Rb's take a pounding and Qb's are pampered. Every NFL team is looking for a mobile Qb because the faster and more athletic defensive players get, the harder it is to block them. How many sacks are todays defensive players actually losing? If the Qb is outside the tackle he can throw it away and if he's past the line of scrimmage he can slide? The slide allows non-mobile Qb's to avoid sacks also, just get pass the line of scrimmage and slide feet first! I just think you could have a great discussion about the rule and the future of the Mobile Qb in the NFL. Sliding is for Water Parks and stolen bases! I may not have hit all the points but atleast you get the idea.............
  8. What draft positions are in your SB?

    2 and 9, Re-draft league and I picked #2.
  9. So, who made it to the Superbowl and

    Made it to superbowl for the first time.....At 7-6, Matchup's Cooley and Givens were the crushing blow........Roster below...Still can't believe it....The guy I beat was 12-1, I made him retire...... ......Givens and Cooley
  10. Cooley is my new favorite player

    Beat Commish 12-2.....I'm 8-6 and going to SB, I want a Cooley Jersy for Christmas!
  11. WDIS?

    Bryant @ Oak Frye has been real flakey and like's TE around goaline? Droughens should have a good day rushing? Wilford @ hm vs SF.........#32nd ranked pass def? I actually think I'm gonna gamble and go with Wilford based on match up?
  12. Who would you start?

    Bump........Need a little help guy's......This is gonna kill me if I make the wrong choice......Every opinion count's....It's the playoff's.....need help.....
  13. Who would you start?

    Lost Cmart and Lefty to injuries....Hurt my team based on matchups...So every point is gonna be critical and will affect my survival. Wilford @ Hm Vs. SF? McMichael @Hm Vs. Jet's......Would play him at TE and Cooley at W/R Position? But who in there right mind starts two TE's? Bryant @ Oak I think he's the play...but Oak can't get embarrased two weeks in a row?
  14. Free Agent Forecast

    I have Wilkins and Graham and been playing musical matchups all year......Got burnt one week, bad.....Wilkins had 5pts and Graham had 15pts........lost by 9.5...Kickers matter....I went from 2nd place to 4 and haven't recovered since.....but still in playoffs