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  1. S.Davis for Suggs

    Davis all the way.....Suggs or green will be traded...There both fragile but Davis looks good.
  2. Searching Waivers for WRs

    I would agree and if Stallworth is available, He deserves a look, while he's healthy.
  3. Who to Start? Rudi or Caddie

    He said GB and Defense in the same sentence ! I like Caddy and Grudens gonna run the ball first and pass off of it, But he may not have to use play action pass because there gonna score on the gound!
  4. Start Jones or Davis?

    Davis....Miami DE is underated but the Jets were able to run ball.....Cmart had chances to score......Jones is playing the Bengals and I think there DE is for real....can't believe I just said that........I think the bengals win big and chicago is forced to pass and thats pretty scarey...Jones won't get that many touches this week....The lions and the blowout game dictated that kind of production.....He's good but the match-ups say Davis.
  5. Block buster trade need huddler advice

    Can't you leave the new guys alone? It's the third week and guys are trying to take advantage of you.....What you are being offered is a joke..Plus what are your line up requirements and roster.....If your telling me you can start Alexander,J.Jones,R.Johnson...Who needs WR's......People are trying to steal your Rb's..........
  6. Plain and simple......

    TJ Housh - Min Ro.Williams @Chi 6 pts.(TD) and 1pt.(rec) Let the advice begin..............
  7. WDIS Thomas Jones or Ronnie Brown

    I would agree.......Plus match-ups, Lions looked god DE and How did the jets look?
  8. Which two RBs

    Great advice!
  9. Wiggins vs. CIN or Pollard vs CHI

    Safe bet is Pollard in a low scoring game. If you want to gamble go with Wiggins in a high scoring game and Cpep seems to be using Wiggins as a safety blanket, Turned that around huh? Moss is gone and Nate can't get open! Cpep to wiggins all year............Harrington to Pollard? Just doesn't sound the same?
  10. Plain and simple......

    BUMP! You guys are killing me its like a 50/50 split? I'm gonna flip a coin, I swear, I will ! Samething happened last week and I sat larry fitzgerald ! For none other than TJ Houshmanzadeh! Oh that sucked!
  11. WDIS

    Byron gonna have a graet game and lose to indy, he hasa topped 300yds a couple of times against indy.....I like byron in a shootout.......I think between the two qb's your only talking about 100yds total passing yards difference, I think Warner will be like 225/250yds 2td's 1int, Byron will top 300yds or there abouts with 2td's and a rushing td and one int. There fairly close in my mind but always go with the shootout.......I have byron and he will be starting for my team until further notice!
  12. Help Me pick my WR's

    For some odd reason i think mason's gonna have a good game, I don't like Boller at all and any Qb in my mind is an improvement......Mason is the man, But than again I sat L. Fitzgerald last week, so consider the source !
  13. Starting RB

    Use willie until the wheels fall off, DD is a stud and you picked him first but I got to go with Willie for now..........Does houston have a de?
  14. Is Mike Williams worth a pick-up?

    I think so, I dropped williamson, may regret it , but I got b.Jacobs. Rogers is hurt, ankle or something.....I got Ro.Williams but I'm gonna keep him on the shelf until Detroit "o" shows up....Atleast Williams is getting looks, I don't think williamson saw the field did he?

    Rudi and the Priest.............Sounds like a bad show !
  16. Which RB ... or maybe a WR?

    I second that advice!
  17. WR Help Please

    Lelie----SD? Did you watch that game last week? Re.Williams, Byron's gonna throw alot! I don't think Fragile Fred's gonna have a good game against Indy DE!
  18. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    TJ Housh - Min Ro.Williams @Chi 6 pts.(TD) and 1pt.(rec) Let the advice begin.............. Its like a 70/30 split out in the forum..........TJ gets the nod? What do you think?
  19. Trade offer for D. Davis.

    Thats funny...........It was one week, relax DD gets like 350 touches.......
  20. RICKY!

    Trade him to the Guy that has Ronnie Brown and hopefully he's a sucker and you can get value for Ricky, but you drafted him you can't drop him..I've made that mistake before.....Even if Ricky doesn't start in five weeks, he will be productive and possibly be traded? Im in a 10 team league and I challenge you to find a RB right now in my league, If you drop him someone's gonna usa a high waiver to get him....So i say hold him, he's like money in the bank.......
  21. Add/Drop help...........QUICK

    I lke Gore because of the Barlow factor and Ferguson and Engram....Ferg the turd will be good by default, farve gotta throw it to someone because they are sure not gonna run the ball. Engram catches everything thrown within five yards of him, never drops passes and i think Warrick is another seattle option this week. Engram gets the nod as possesion type wr with 5 to 10 touches Ferg the turd wins by default. Gore will split 40/60 within the next 3 weeks:thinking:
  22. mediocre WR's..

    Boldin,Johnson and gamble on Farve to ferguson and i mean Gamble !
  23. WDIS

    Wayne,Mason,Lelie will have a big game......And with the Bowler hurt mason should have good #'s With right, Wayne is the no brainer
  24. huge trade

    what are you waiting for? Trade man!Hit the button!
  25. Plain and simple......

    Tried for advice this morning, not much Help, give it one more try, Bump !