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  1. Pick 2 WRs

    Johnson and Stokely based on Matchups, I think Houston will be behind and forced to throw! Just hopefully its not to the other team!
  2. QB and RB starters this week...

    How many RB's? 1 or 2 or 3, Do you have a flex? Palmer for sure, If you get points for rec, Westbrook is always a plus, but without knowing this info, I go matchup's.........Alexander and I'm a Parker Believer for now!
  3. WDIS at RB?

    Punt! Give JJ a try?
  4. Plaxico or Roy Williams? Will reply to all

    I have Roy and he will collect dust on my bench until Harrington and the coaches decide that they need to open things up and take a chance......NO has a good lock down corner but Plax will put up better #'s then Roy for now.
  5. LJ,caddy,sjax,or willyP? start 2

    Willie for sure and I like the Caddy because Gruden wants to prove this kid's for real..........But the only negative is the Buffalo DE.........That being said,S.Jax has a better chance to have a huge game, The Cards 31-7 last year and I don't see that happening again, So with that being said and my concern with the Buffalo De, I would choose S.Jax and Willie......
  6. Looking for a WR

    great advice but I like Engram for some reason?
  7. Gore

    Good call.....but again at most gore will split carries and SF must lose before any kind of changes happens, the option listed above is much better if you scoring system applies......
  8. Trade

    what are you waiting for?
  9. Trade Advice

    Push the button!
  10. Trade

    If i were drafting I would pick DD before Westbrook, if that helps.
  11. WR Woes, should I make a move?

    One word "Peyton I trow boat loads of td's" ok it was more than one word !
  12. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    I have Matt Jones on my bench..... Ro.williams S.Smith L.Fitz T.J Housh We start 3 WR's TD 6 Rec 1 pts I was wondering what you think of this guy and his potential as the season goes on, do you think he'll ever be an option over my exsisting Wr's?
  13. please help! willie p or sjax

    Parker until Hellfreeze's! or Jackson lives up to his hype and he's on my team, if I had parker I would start him at this point. See my post Please.....
  14. Smith and Wayne....I think they have the best chance of scoring more points with your scoring system.
  15. Bench DD for Larry J?

    Its only been one, he will get more touches!
  16. Mike Nugent

    Kicker's do what again? Oh yeah, they Kick! I don't know why you don't keep him, he slipped, Big deal......Its not like his name is Norwood !
  17. WDIS - RB's - Start 2

    Great Advice! But LJ may haunt you like Fitzgerald did to me on week one, I can't believe I started T.J. Housh over him , So consider the source ?
  18. Need a RB..... 1 of the Jones boys?

    Well said.....Maybe if you get him drunk then offer him a two or four for one....Just kidding, does anyone desperately and I mean desperately need a wr? If so try to trade with them......Otherwise I don't see it happening, sorry.
  19. Which RB to bench in Week 2

    Edge,Parker,J.Jones, SF held Jackson to 60yds and there flying high, but T.O.'s coming to town.......Westbrook will get his but I think the other choice's will outproduce him.
  20. TJ Housh - Min Ro.Williams @Chi S.Smith -NE L.Fitzgerald -StL and the dumb? Bledsoe -Was Byron @Ind Players mentioned above(Two will wind up on Bench) My bench suck's I know ! QB ? WR ? WR ? WR ? RB S. Alexander RB S. Jackson TE Wiggins W/R C. Martin K J.Wilkins DEF KC BN JJ. Arington BN B.Jacobs BN B. Edwards BN Matt Jones BN ? BN ? Stat Categories: Passing Yards (25 yards per point) Passing Touchdowns (6) Interceptions (-2) Rushing Yards (10 yards per point) Rushing Touchdowns (6) Receptions (1) Reception Yards (10 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6) Return Yards (20 yards per point) Return Touchdowns (6)