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  1. McNabb

    YES! You are Stupid!
  2. Dante Hall

    Thats funny but Gaffney maybe?
  3. should i do this trade?

    I would do it but what do i know I can't even pick my own line up this week ! Please just look at my post...It will make me feel better!
  4. S. Davis or Kevin Jones?

    Davis, enough said.....until Garcia comes back!
  5. WR advice

    great advice
  6. Fair value

    Depends on your league and how many rookies you have and most of all "Sucker's"! The two combined in my league may get you one starter at Rb or Wr...Does that help?
  7. Please Rate My Draft

    I think some one should ask Grit's, I kinda miss Him or It or Whatever......I need some help with my post for crying outloud! Are you sure your 5-0 or 0-5 and been drinking since noon !
  8. 2 spot's, Three people.....

    So if I plug in Henry, What about the whole C.Mart/T.Taylor thing?
  9. Matt Jones or Chris Henry

    I like Henry, TJ isn't gonna play, Well maybe, Who knows but I like henry over Jones based on Palmer alone and the offensive scheme.
  10. Trade Cadillac for..Ricky,Horn and Peppers?

    I like the first deal.....
  11. S.Smith@Detroit T.Taylor@Chi Givens@Den Henry@Ten TJ is probably not gonna start but does Henry's matchup, give him the nod before Taylor or Givens?
  12. Hasselback or Delhomme

    Delhomme, I think the hawks are gonna be alittle to much to handle and run..Just look at some of Alexanders projections for this week....That alone should help yopu make your choice.....
  13. Bogus trades.....

    Guy in our league traded Pittman for L. Jordan....He was convinced Caddy was hurt worse than he is....Kept saying he had same injury as Te E.Johnson from SF..What ever he got robbed!
  14. QB trade

    If you can do Dillion and Farve for Brees and Moss...i would do it...
  15. roy williams for jerome bettis...

    Bettis "If" and thats a big "If" he'll do it!
  16. Flex Player

    I drop Pearman, start Thompson,Pick Up T.Taylor if he's available......
  17. Martin #'s look bad against Buf? But with the injury of Housh? I think if Henry fill's in for TJ, He'll out perform Martin? We get a pt per rec and most weeks Wr have been outperforming backs? Advice please!
  18. Trade about to Happen

    you don't trade R.Brown for Moulds, for a bye week filler....Look on WW....or FA and drop Gus!
  19. Gaffney or Bradford

    If TJ Housh doesn't play, I'm playing Henry in his spot....I think he's better than both your choices....has to be someone better? If not Gaffney !
  20. Defense

  21. W Dunn, S Davis or K Jones?

    Davis if he plays......Dunn if he doesn't!
  22. McCardell or S. Moss?

    Moss until Brunell's arm falls off! Look at his Schedule!
  23. Select my flex player

    Henry if TJ doesn't play and Porter if TJ plays.............
  24. I'm reaching...but...

    I go with Hackett, I don't remember the last time I gave advice to start a 2nd string RB against, even though he's starting, against the "STEELER'S"@ Home! Tony usually give's great advice but he's alone one that one.... Hackett based soley on matchup