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  1. Can you actually drop him? I'm really at a loss? Not sure what my next move?
  2. Is it to early to think about Baseball?

  3. Christmas and FF playoff's

  4. Need a starter for week three at WR/RB? Martin at home against Jags? Still hurt but practiced today......not 100%? Blaylock? Stallworth at Vikes? Plus he's returning punts and Kickoff's? Rushing Yards (10 yards per point) Rushing Touchdowns (6) Receptions (1) Reception Yards (10 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6) Return Yards (20 yards per point) Return Touchdowns (6) I can't believe I'm asking this question but fire away............ QB-Bledsoe RB-Alexander RB-Jackson WR-Fitz WR-Housh WR-S.Smith TE-McMichael W/R-????? K-Wilkins DE-Bengals " " I know........
  5. Trade TO for T Holt

    If your getting TO the TD machine, Sure why not, But who in the right mind would want to trade TO?
  6. Is Marshall Faulk dropable

    At this point sure!
  7. How to geet a league Trading?

    Big Injuries make desperate people in a couple weeks, So pray to the football gods for more injuries!
  8. trade offer

    Have you been drinking? Not water either, were talking like Paint Thinner or something like that? "DO NOT MAKE THAT TRADE!"
  9. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    Any team that plays Min.....Until Dante figures out he's not supposed to throw it to the Defensive players, "NO" and for the matter, your gonna see alot of people pick up any DE on a bye week filler that plays the Vikes.
  10. Trade Advice

    thats what I thought? The best he could hope for is Lamont and thats not fair...Horn has good value.....To early to trade big name players.
  11. The simple "Pick 2" thread: WR2 and WR3

    Tj and Smith because I'm starting them on my team, so how could i give any other advice? I like those matchups....
  12. Trade or Not to Trade

    The guy wants Smith but I wouldn't get rid of him....Trade doesn't look fair your way, It leans towards him alittle to much for me.
  13. WDIS: WR - Need two more.

    Smith and Stokley.....Peyton against the Browns !
  14. Blockbuster trade Help need

    See "Grits" thats how you give good advice, I know you can !
  15. Trade Advice and Advise

    I don't like the trade because Bulger and the pass happy Rams"I have S.Jackson "are gonna get better as the year goes on......Culpepper lost his Offensive coach and best WR, Not Nate, that Moss guy they so desperately wanted to get rid of? Lately Cpep looks like a fraud but we will see......I stay away from any trade that involves him period.
  16. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    The trade sucks and so doesn't, Nevermind last time i said bad things you "Grits" me on his ignore list ! Just say trade next time and you might get a better response......Its the newbie learning curve ! But nothing is a slamdunk, You'll probably still get abused!
  17. S.Davis for Suggs

    Davis all the way.....Suggs or green will be traded...There both fragile but Davis looks good.
  18. Searching Waivers for WRs

    I would agree and if Stallworth is available, He deserves a look, while he's healthy.
  19. Who to Start? Rudi or Caddie

    He said GB and Defense in the same sentence ! I like Caddy and Grudens gonna run the ball first and pass off of it, But he may not have to use play action pass because there gonna score on the gound!
  20. Start Jones or Davis?

    Davis....Miami DE is underated but the Jets were able to run ball.....Cmart had chances to score......Jones is playing the Bengals and I think there DE is for real....can't believe I just said that........I think the bengals win big and chicago is forced to pass and thats pretty scarey...Jones won't get that many touches this week....The lions and the blowout game dictated that kind of production.....He's good but the match-ups say Davis.
  21. Block buster trade need huddler advice

    Can't you leave the new guys alone? It's the third week and guys are trying to take advantage of you.....What you are being offered is a joke..Plus what are your line up requirements and roster.....If your telling me you can start Alexander,J.Jones,R.Johnson...Who needs WR's......People are trying to steal your Rb's..........
  22. Plain and simple......

    TJ Housh - Min Ro.Williams @Chi 6 pts.(TD) and 1pt.(rec) Let the advice begin..............
  23. WDIS Thomas Jones or Ronnie Brown

    I would agree.......Plus match-ups, Lions looked god DE and How did the jets look?
  24. Which two RBs

    Great advice!
  25. Wiggins vs. CIN or Pollard vs CHI

    Safe bet is Pollard in a low scoring game. If you want to gamble go with Wiggins in a high scoring game and Cpep seems to be using Wiggins as a safety blanket, Turned that around huh? Moss is gone and Nate can't get open! Cpep to wiggins all year............Harrington to Pollard? Just doesn't sound the same?