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    US Air Force, Okinawa, Japan
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    Spending time with the family, electronics, running, working out, playing cards(poker), gambling on football, fantasy football, collecting memorabilia, shooting pool, listening to music, photography, all types of art...drawing, painting, sculpture
  1. Who to keep at RB?

    I would keep the Jones boys. I like the idea of holding onto CJ (if u must), and trying to get some value outta Priest in the form of a draft pick. Good Luck. Ben
  2. Time for a sig line/av bet...

    Definitely count me in on the defending SB Champs' side of the bet. GO PATRIOTS!!! Ben
  3. Super Bowl MVP?

    If Vinateri makes the game winning kick...again... How can you not give it to him... Ben
  4. "New" Cardinals Logo

    I think it'll take a little more than a new logo to turn that organization around. Ben
  5. Playoff Blitz

    NE NE Congrats to the SB Champs... Ben
  6. Steelers - Patriots Sig Line Bet

    I am definitely in on the bet...and if the Pats fans want me to write the sig line for the Eagles, I'm game. I think the Steelers sig turned out pretty good...I'm sure that I can come up with one for the Eagles as well. Ben
  7. Steelers - Patriots Sig Line Bet

    I would just like to take my hat off to the Steeler's fans who took part in the sig bet. All of you are taking the defeat with dignity, and should be applauded. Who knows, you might just learn to love the Pats. Enjoy your new avatars and sig lines... Ben
  8. Best NFL Player Today

    I don't know if I would go as far as to say that 90% of my posts are "I agree" posts...Go back and take a look at my post history. You are right about being halfway around the world when you refer to my name being the last poster on the entire page. If you look, though, 45% of his posts are in the test there any advice given in the test section? Ben
  9. Steelers - Patriots Sig Line Bet

    Are the Squeeler's fans warming up to their soon to be new sig? Ben
  10. Best NFL Player Today

    I think that PP is the understatment of the've managed to post over 260 times since you had your 1,000 th post... Was that even 24 hrs. ago??? Does anyone know what the record is for posts in one day? Just curious. Hey Broncos, do you go to school, or work, or have a family, or ever leave your computer....inquiring minds want to know. Ben
  11. Anybody placing any bets this weekend?

    I've heard good stuff about Betonsports as well as The only thing that I would caution you about is accepting any deposit bonuses. Make sure that you read all of the fine print...I know that the Terms of Service are often very lengthy, but read EVERY line. You often are not able to cash out certain amounts of bonus money if you have not wagered a certain percentage of your total bankroll. I'm not saying that you shouldn't accept the bonus cash...I'm simply saying that the terms don't fit everybody's gambling style. Just make sure that you make an educated decision. Do your homework. I just stick with the old fashioned Guido bookey. Gotta support our local small businesses..... Anyway. I decided what I'm playing this week.... ---3 Team Teaser -Atlanta +14.5 -NE/Pit OVER 25.5 -Phi/Atl OVER 28 --Straight bet -Pats -3 Good Luck to all that are placing wagers...happy betting. Ben GO PATRIOTS!!!
  12. Steelers - Patriots Sig Line Bet

    Where are all the Squeelers fans??? The Pats fans have them outnumbered by almost 2:1 For fans that are so confident, they sure are steering clear of this sig line bet...they must already be commited to other wagers. Ben
  13. I haven't decided what I'm gonna play this weekend. The O/U on the games have moved quite a bit. I usually put together a 3 Team Teaser(I can play totals in the teaser as well). Sometimes I play one 2 Team Parlay, or one straight bet in addition to the teaser. NFL 1/23/2005 Conference Championships ________________Opening___Current___________________ NEW ENGLAND..........2..............2½/3 PITTSBURGH............38............37/36/35½/35 ATLANTA ..................42...........41½/40½/40/39½/38½/38/37½ PHILADELPHIA .......4½...........5/4½/5 Just curious what everyone has this weekend...anyone betting against their team? Anyone betting against their team, and brave enough to admit it? Ben
  14. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    I haven't been on the site very I don't really know who to vote for in alot of categories. I would like to place 1 vote, though... Best Avatar- Azazello1313 Scroll up and take a look...nice. EDIT: Avatar changed...nullify vote. Ben
  15. Check out this Ebay item.

    That is pretty funny...people are bidding it up... Ben