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  1. This could be my last Sunday. I'm up against the highest scorer in our league, but I'm still alive (had Gore, he had Seattle D) I've got an hour to decide on my final roster spot. Thanks for taking the poll
  2. Oh, and I forgot Furrey. He's up there too. Stocked up on those receivers a while back. now Ineed them bad. #85 #11 and????
  3. Won't Chicago wrap it up early and stop throwing?...Booker has gotten some nice numbers the last two weeks. Just tormenting myself while I wait for some light to point to one of them from above. (I'm sure they're home worrying about my performance too.
  4. I've been going back and forth on this. Shockey? Might get me a TD and about 50 yard....(7pts or so if I'm lucky) I'm not forced to use a TE. Booker could do more and so could Berrian. Will Chicago be throwing all 4 quarters? Can Miami keep it up in the cold weather? What would you do? Thanks for all the help all season.
  5. oops. sorry. I feel your pain.
  6. I just meant that he surprised everyone. But thanks for the vote.
  7. It's all about fantasy points. I know Penny will throw, but will he throw enough? And how about Cutler? Very risky, but look at Alex Smith last night. always appreciate your thinking.
  8. I've been shopping defenses all year looking for the best matchups. Just realized I can't pick anyone up for this week. I'm stuck. What's my best chance for some points? Raiders look ok against the pass, but maybe that's because everyone just runs on them. (which is good because I've got S Jax) but I really need points from my d. Who's more likely to get big plays?
  9. I've already got Chad Johnson in the lineup, and I'm hoping for something from Roy Williams, but who else will get me past the wild card?...... Can Shockey do something this week? Panthers not very good against TE's. or Is Crumpler worth more points? I'm almost sure he'll score at Tampa Bay. Then there's Booker, Berrian, Furrey what would you do?
  10. Really? Williams? I doubt Detroit can score much v New England. I hesitate to do it, but I think I might do better risking more to get some scores out of Berrian and Booker. I appreciate the last minute help. I'm still going back and forth. If you guys have the time, I've got 4 minutes left to vacillate
  11. I'm afraid Booker will come down to earth Williams is gonna have a hard time scoring Crumpler....maybe, but how much Same for Berrian What would you do?
  12. Thanks. If I lose tomorrow. I'm out.
  13. Thanks. That's what I was thinking. But what about Booker? Isn't he and Miami getting hot while Detroit is cold and playing New England?