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  1. NCAA Tourney Official Thread

    How do you figure?
  2. Irvin about to be fired?

    You mean Sharparo?
  3. USC must really love Reggie now. linkaa
  4. Marvin needs a nickname

  5. Dungy to Colts

    If this was an omen of things to come, will the Colts be buried Sunday?
  6. Michael Vick

    How many QBs though? Prolly tough to read defenses when your brain cells are baked.
  7. What I learned this Bowl Season

    Props for realizing this. I've been saying this for a while, and it's not just this year. The SEC seems to have a mythical edge, perpetuated year-in and year-out by their supporters as well as most of the media. My guess is that this stems from all the fanfare, tradition and passion the south has for football; and the fact that 15 years ago, they had a recruiting/speed advantage over the northern schools Neverthless, names like Georgia, Auburn, LSU and Tennessee are reeled off in reverence EVERY YEAR,and held as signs of the brutal strength of the mighty SEC. Yet, the Big-10 is now +3 over the SEC over the last 5 years in matchups that've been pretty even based on teams' relative standings in their conferences. The SEC is NOT God's gift to CFB. They're just another conference, with slightly better teams towards the bottom.
  8. Projected Sugar Bowl Results

    If ESPN was reporting it, it's got to be true. BTW, reporting is usually on news items, not conjencture.
  9. Alabama - Breaking News

    Can't believe how these coaches angrily deny rumors about their moves, only to shamelessly accept the offer 2 days later. Show a little integrity
  10. Ohio State V Florida

    One more 'slight' difference. The '02 Bucks didn't lose at all.
  11. Vince Young = Mike Vick...

    Couple of other differences I see that haven't already been mentioned: 1. Young is a freakin' moose who's tough to bring down..Vick is fragile by comparison. 2. Young is much slower, but plenty fast for a QB and deceptively so because of his long gait.
  12. Remove Tony Kornheiser petition..

    Dr. Z and Theismann should be the new team. They'll kill each other.
  13. LOL @ Kornheiser

    What exactly is his contribution to the telecast? Precisely zilch. ESPN has made MNF a complete joke. An insult to avid football fans in this country.