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  1. Spoil Harry Potter for me

  2. Crash diet

    I'm sorry to hear about this. Good thoughts and vibes to your wife, and you, Gritz.
  3. Lookin' for a new toy......

    My friend has one. He loves it. He said it was easy to set up and he uses it when he is away on business or vacation. I believe he said the minimum upload speed at your home has to be 256k.
  4. Cookies Question

    FYI...I use IE Tab and it works with the MS Updates. I had to add to the IE Tab options so that it is always rendered with the IE engine. Spain, you could do as RR suggested above, but on the Privacy tab, click the "Site" button. Type in (as an example) in "Address of Web site" and then click the Allow button.
  5. Wow just got in trouble big time

    Along those lines, a few years ago I was driving through town with my kids and a guy cut us oldest said, quietly, "A$$hole." I shrank under my wife's withering glare.
  6. Vida Guerra

    Great googly moogly! Saved for future reference.
  7. A little request....

    Very sorry to hear of this RR. My step-dad (always considered him my "real" dad) had Alzheimers and Parkinsons. Sending good thoughts, and strong positive vibes, to you and your family RR...
  8. Another vote for DGF, sent my winnings quickly from the Super Bowl squares last year.
  9. YouTube Videos

    Wow, I could hit the outskirts of Chicago in about an hour (factoring in getting up to speed and stopping every 12 minutes to fill up)...well, okay. road conditions, traffic, exits, police...those "little" things that would impede progress.
  10. Not sure I'm terribly excited about this...we'll see how he does. Certainly seems sound defensively. I did notice he took Denver and Buffalo to three WC berths as a HC...but they lost in all of them. I'll certainly be interested in hearing what other Cowboys fans think about this.
  11. America's Game

    In case anyone is interested, is selling each episode for $19.99, availability for the few I clicked said 8 - 10 weeks.
  12. The day after......

    Yep, nothing to hang your heads about, they made it to the big dance so congrats on that! Dallas will be visiting Chicago next season...I'm looking forward to it (I think ).

    Congrats geeteebee and to all the winners! An excellent choice. Thanks for running this again DMD, my best year so far... I'm sure it is all downhill from here.
  14. The 20 questions contest is over!

    Congrats Captain!
  15. The 20 questions contest is over!

    Something along those lines...but not directed at anyone in particular...I figured I'd better just edit it out.