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  1. Week 11 Chat

    Very ugly, knee bent way too far in a direction knees aren't supposed to bend. Yuk. Hope for a full recovery for next year as he is super exciting to watch.
  2. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Good lord... Jackson Hunt McLaurin Not looking good, need some serious milk carton action.
  3. Week 11 Chat

    Lamar Jackson is killing me this year. Never picking a qb early ever again.
  4. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Welcome FTD! Good luck in your league. Stick to it and take all that you learn this year and put together a great team next year!
  5. Is this ethical?

    I see now. No, we don't do that in our league, it usually limited to one or two players. This season, I did pick up a def to block, dropped them next day (which locked them from getting picked up again), and picked up a player. I assume that is a minor churning infraction as it relates to this discussion.
  6. Is this ethical?

    So is that what is considered "churning"?
  7. Will the offense turn it around? Not without getting healthy...

  8. Squeeked one out against Miami, a win is a win!

  9. FF season is upon us! Get excited and crush your leagues.

  10. Playoff Time! Can we run it this year? Please!

  11. Here They Come!

    1. heehawks


      Hawks are going to get some much needed rest and come out in a home game and spank the Cardinal! On our way to a nice run, I can feel it. Here they come!

  12. Beat the Cardninals

  13. OUCH

    Wonder if he will even return??
  14. Eagles/Saints Game Thread

    Welcome to the playoffs REGGIE!!!!!
  15. Indy Win Over Baltimore

    So who still has Colts left? Anybody on the leader board glad the Colts won? I sure am! I'm in 12th place and have 24 players left. I still have Manning, Wayne, Harrison and Vinatieri (nice game too!). Although they didn't put up big numbers today, I still have them going again!