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  1. NOS receivers?

    Not soon enough!
  2. HAPPY 4TH!!

    I am going to be too drunk and blowing things up to say it tomorrow so... Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Huddlers!!!
  3. My long-time local was 8 for decades, then moved to 10 for the past 4 or so years, then went back to 8 last year due to drop out. Every team is staked and the waiver wire is full, which makes it real tough when the wire comes around due to so many choices. 10 is better.
  4. Buffalo receivers

    This is getting good. Lock, here we come!
  5. Coming to the 2028 NFL draft...

    Geez, I was 5'7, 150 lbs soaking wet as a freshman in high school. I played football and would have been crushed by this dude.
  6. Aldon Smith wanted for 2nd degree battery

    Well that didn't last very long...2 days? Geez, you can't fix stupid.
  7. James Conner signs with Arizona

  8. March Madness 2021

    So close...would have been 3rd if Zags won...congrats Irish!!
  9. Low hanging fruit my friend.
  10. Fournette stays in Tampa.

  11. WTF?? If he really did this to numerous women, his career is over.
  12. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    The Hawks shouldn't have to come out and say anything at all. Russ started the whole thing, he should be the one to say something. The onus is on him, not the Hawks.
  13. Well, the Cowboys will now be in cap hell for a long time with little to no room to aquire good players. I know...just look at the Hawks and what Wilson's contract has done.
  14. Zach Ertz trade “could happen in the coming days”

    I would take him on the Hawks for a 4th or 5th rounder, but that would only leave 3 draft picks left.