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  1. McCardell signs with HOU

    Now, it appears that this "signing" was reported in error, and McCardell has yet to agree to terms with any team. Darnit.
  2. 1st round draft picks

    My fault. I was going off "Training Camp" date, not "rookies report" date. link.
  3. McCardell signs with HOU

    I'm thinking this is a good signing by HOU. I was hoping it would go thru, and WAS wouldn't nab him from HOU. At the very least, he'll be a good mentor for Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walters. At the very best, he'll become the WR2 opposite Andre Johnson. One's gotta' think that one of the following will step up to be a WR2 -- Keenan McCardell, Kevin Walter, Jacoby Jones ®, Andre Davis, Bethel Johnson, Charlie Adams, Jerome Mathis. :crossed fingers: Well done, HOU. (There's still Marc Boerigter in the CFL, though. )
  4. 1st round draft picks

    I thought HOU reports on Jul 27. Where's the source that indicates HOU reports on Jul 22?
  5. link Jul. 23, 2007 - 12:53 p.m. ET The Washington Post's Jason LaCanfora hears that free agent Keenan McCardell has agreed to terms with the Texans. The Redskins were the other team pursuing McCardell, but reportedly only offered him the veteran's minimum. In Houston, the 37-year-old could push Kevin Walter and Jacoby Jones to start or contribute from the slot. Source: Washington Post
  6. Help with division names

    Semi-pro... Mike Williams Ron Dayne Minor leagues... Charles Rogers Koren Robinson David Boston Rod Gardner Freddie Mitchell Ricky Williams Akili Smith (CFL) Aaron Brooks
  7. new Cowboys stadium?

    In that depiction, there are only 3 vehicles in the parking lot (including a limo about to ram into the front door), and the folks IN the stadium are all ghosts! Yep, "speaking the truth". "Big Hat, No Cattle!"
  8. Lavaar Arrington seriously hurt

    Again, good points, but how many football players have we seen injured due to SUV rollovers in the last 3 yrs, as compared to the number of motorcycle accidents in the last 3 yrs? How many skydiving accidents by football players in the last 3 yrs, as compared to those injured by motorcycle accidents? Thrown by horses? Flying?
  9. Lavaar Arrington seriously hurt

    Good points, but you left out paint-guns.
  10. Where should Dayne be taken?

    I'm guessing here, but while trying to keep up with HOU's off-season moves and camps, I'm THINKING the following... 1. AGreen is #1 in HOU. 2. RDayne has secured the #2 RB on the depth chart. 3. #3 RB on the depth chart is up for grabs. 4. Coach Kubiak has indicated that SGado has made great strides since joining the Texans last season. "Most improved" -- my words, not his. 5. AGreen will be running between the 20s. RDayne will be the short-yardage, goal-line back. 6. If AGreen goes down, I don't think RDayne becomes the starter. I think RDayne remains the short-yardage, goal-line back, and the #3 becomes #1, whether that is SGado, CTaylor, WLundy, DWalker (rookie, Notre Dame). After AGreen and RDayne, the backfield is quite crowded.
  11. Donkeys sign DT Sam Adams

    I was hoping that HOU would get him. Oh well.
  12. Schaub vs Carr

    +1 I also believe the OL is PART of the problem. So, that side of the equation has to come together too.
  13. Schaub vs Carr

    Ya' know -- I read something VERY similar last season, when HOU picked him up on the $8M option. It read something like, "Carr is now showing up to do film study; he's excited about football again; yada-yada-yada." It was a subtle two-liner in a long article, and it hit me that Carr wasn't being the leader-by-example on the team. And you can sorta' see that on the field again last season, if you were looking for it. Now, I wish I would've saved the link, as I haven't been able to find anything else like that on the 'net. You're the first mention of it since last off-season. Good, I'm not going .