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  1. 2007 NHL Draft..............

    i agree, there are to many teams in to many places that do not give crap about hockey. i also agree that bettman needs to be shown the door and a actual hockey person brought in. while replacing bettman might happen, the odds of teams being contracted and folded up i think are slim and none. they will move them from city to city before they ever contracted. i am not versed in unions, but how do you tell say , +/- 125 union players they no longer have jobs? i still beleve that given a chance that a nhl with a cap around the 38 million mark, where it started off, would work, maybe i'm wrong, not the first time , wont be the last, but i do appreciate the back and forth and difference of opinion.
  2. 2007 NHL Draft..............

    sorry, maybe using the word "insane" was to much, but as a fan , you have no problem seeing gomez making over 7 mil a season for the next 7 years. and a 30 year old drury making over 7 mil for the next 5 years. and briere making 6.5 for the next 8 years? to me, signings like this are the exact thing that got the league in trouble three years ago. i love hockey, been a fan since i was old enough to know what i was watching, but i really find it frustrating to lose one season in order to create a fair playing field for all teams to be competative only to blow it all up in a couple of years so the wealthy teams can again take advantage?
  3. 2007 NHL Draft..............

    (start rant) so a couple of years ago, the owners and the brass at the nhl decided that in order for the nhl to be balanced and equal a salary cap, amongst other items , was needed with not only a limit on spending but also a minimum (so the florida panthers of the world would at least have to try to look like they want to win) in order to try and give the small market teams a fair shot against the evil rangers,red wings, avs,flyers and leafs, who would just spend money wildly on the best , and even some not so good, free agents . the players said they would never accept a cap and the season was lost, heads of the players unions were fired and lawsuits were launched , what a mess. Now fast forward to today , the cap is over 50 million, players that have no reason making 6 and 7 million a year are cashing in again. so what in the hell was the point of the strike. the rangers go insane again, the flyers go insane again. i do not get it, the owners and the league had it right when the cap was 36 or 38 million. i have just about had it with hockey. (end rant)
  4. Stanley Cup Finals

    shut up gary , no one is there to here or see you blab , hand it over
  5. Stanley Cup Finals

    as much as it pains me i'm a leafs fan (no cup since 1967) so to have to face ottawa 8 times next year and probably be the visiting team as they raise there banner would suck. but anyway, i cant wait for the finish , i do not think there is a better trophey in all of pro sports , bring on lord stanley's mug
  6. Stanley Cup Finals

    no canadian heartbreak here, ottawa is the enemy as far as i'm concerned , i hope it's 8-1 before it's over
  7. 2007 NHL Playoffs

    i'm sure there have been others but bobby baun scored the winning goal in game 6 for the maple leafs in the 1964 cup finals to force a game 7 . here is a link to his story not sure if this is who you were thinking of.
  8. Laminate flooring

    i've installed it, the salesperson at home depot recommended we purchase there install video, it was helpful, also we paid about $25 bucks for the install kit, (some spacers, tapping block and another tool that i'm not sure what it was, but very helpful) there is lots of cutting and measuring, also not sure if it was needed or recommended but there is also a thin layer of underlay that goes down. honestly, with the right tools (skil-saw or similiar is the most important) it can be done.
  9. Any hockey fans?

    refing at events such as this and the world jrs, have always been crap, no matter who is refing, watching some of the "2mins for bodychecking" calls that europeon refs hand out in international events drives me nuts. while watching your video i really was amazed that kohareski was not fired , he was very blantently bias to canada. here's to keeping the penguins where they belong, the nhl has to stop moving teams that are supported by hockey hungry cities like pittsburgh, and even winnipeg and quebec to places where no one gives a crap.
  10. Any hockey fans?

    the more i see plays like simon's last night , the more i really do not care to see marginally talented individuals such as himself even have a place in hockey. i have always enjoyed a good hockey fight, but if the ability to throw punches is the only reason guys like him have jobs then the rules need to be addressed. i may be off the mark here but some of the recent talk leading up to the trade deadline was how teams like pittsburgh for example need some protection for malkin and crosbey, or at least have the threat of an available goon (in pittsburgh's case it is now larouque)sitting on the end of the bench waiting to beat someone up. the new nhl is starting to remind me in somways of the 1980's nhl, when teams had players like Dave Semenko , who's sole job was to destroy anyone who looked at Gretzky, and Chris Nilan who protected the skilled guys on the canadians. again just the humble opionion of a the resident leaf fan. also hugh here is all you need to know about about how canada won the 87 canada cup
  11. calling all champions

    350 per team and 100 extra for the head to head, 450 total per team. winner take all in the head to head (1200) and the rest from the overall (2300)
  12. calling all champions

    it a bit of both for me, in the one 12 team league i've been in for the last 7 years with basically the same core 8 or 9 guys it bragging rights and the fact no one has ever been a two time champion in the overall total points until this season when i won for the second time, also three years ago we added a head to head match up and i won that as well so the $3500.00 is a nice little bonus as well.
  13. champ or playing for championship...

    league1 (12 teams) we play total points and a head to head after tonight i have a 137 point lead in total points and advanced to the superbowl in the head to head with this team. rivers lt,gore fitzgerald,wayne crumpler keading colts d in league 2 (12 teams) i'm out of it in total points but advanced to the superbowl in the head to head with this team the last few weeks romo mcghee and fargas or maroney ( r.brown is other starter) wayne, tj housh shockey elam colts def
  14. Menudo's Quick Picks

    Menudo, looking for a second opinion on a trade offered to me. score is 1 pt per 10 yards rush/rec, 6 pts per td and to make wr/te more valuable they get 1 pt per reception, rbs do not. plus there is a 3 pt bonus for 100 rush/recieve yards. i trade frank gore and derrick mason and i recieve willis mcghee and eric moulds. i'm not sold on gore yet, but his schedule looks alot better than mcghee. also i have a chance at picking up big ben, do you think he will return to form? team in sig line thanks
  15. Fantasy Hockey Cheatsheet

    this is not that indepth but it's not bad