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  1. Another Trade

    ok you answerd my trade for a d question , so who is on the waiver wire?
  2. Another Trade

    you need the rb help for sure , cant you just offer harrison for barber , who does this guy have at wr that he needs 3 from you? and why trade for a defence, tampa has looked good.

    like the rest , say no. who is on the free agents list?
  4. How to geet a league Trading?

    ever year the amount of trades in our league seems to go down, there are still a few guys , myself included, that will just randomly throw a name on the block and see what kind of reaction there is, but for the most part like what was said previously, i think alot of owners are worried about trading studs and having it come back and kick them in the a$$, and also due to maybe previous bad moves , are wondering if they are getting taken by the other owner.

    without knowing your bench players and your scoring system, i say no.
  6. Should I trade Parker for P. Manning

    ask the manning owner if he is interested in joining my league next year? what is he thinking? i drafted parker and have reaped the rewards but seriously i need to see what he does vs NE to really be a believer in FWP. but anyway, if he is serious do the trade.
  7. Fantasy Hockey info? this site is free and while i realize that this comes from a mag, it seems current.
  8. HUGH Trade

    i like this deal for you, caddy has looked very good, deuce is always soild and mason has been the lone bright spot in baltimore, and you get to keep the guy who will more than likely be the starting rb in kc by year end in lj. i would do it.
  9. Fantasy Hockey info?

    its not free but for 5.00 bucks it might be the most informative hockey ranking there is.
  10. Am I crazy for proposing this trrade?

    i think you may have jumped the gun, all along its been said that j.lewis is expected to be 100% after week 3 bye, i also have j.lewis and am giving him a couple more weeks to recover, i just cant see a guy that talented not being able to bounce back and run, maybe not as productive as the 2000 yard season but at least but up some respectable numbers.
  11. A small trade may get bigger - Moss/C. Johnson

    as long as davis is healthy he will be a factor, and foster is not exactly any less of an injury risk, and he's only played in 19 games with only 5 starts since 2002. neither lead the panthers is rushing last season. the way i see it you trade a potnetial injury waiting to happen, and in return cover your 1st round investment, and have a wr with alot of potential upside in williams, plus your not going to play foster ahead of any of the other rbs you have. as for the second part of the question moss/morris for cj and foster/benson, i would keep benson simple because he is going to get the rock more and more , they did not draft him to watch thomas jones.
  12. The Doctor's Office is Open...

    Doc, a couple of tough decisions this week 1. c-pep vs the bengals leftwich vs the colts scoring is 1 point every 20 yards passing /1pt every 10 rush/6pts for td i like all other c-pep owners had a melt down last weekend, all i seen were visions of my entry fee floating away, but the huddle is predicting 300yrds and 3tds this week.i dont see it , and i'm convinced that lefty is going to be soild this year? 2. when i drafted willie parker, i figured i had some trade bait for the staley/bettis owner, then after week 1 and reading a bit , i think he might have stolen the job from deuce/bettis. so this leads me to the dilemma j.lewis vs. ten T.barber vs. no parker vs. hou 1 pt per 10 rush.rec/6pts per td thanks doc!
  13. WDIS: Barlow or S. Davis

    agreed, start davis
  14. C-Pep for Mcnabb

    been offered this trade mcnabb/c.brown for c-pep/t.barber. i'm not trading the rbs since that would be a big down grade imo. but i really like the c-pep for mcnabb trade , i realize that after one game i should not jump ship on c-pep, but nothing i watched on sunday led me to believe that he is not going to suffer without r.moss. scoring is pretty standard 1 pt for every 20 yards passing, 1 pt for every 10 yards rushing and 6pts for each td rush or pass. plus c-pep was my keeper this season and i lose him at the end of this year.
  15. Am I Crazy?

    both were forced into alot of pass protection since the oline kinda crapped the bed.and like bluedog said above, lewis had 10 more carries then taylor. i think once lewis gets his wind he will be back up to 20-25 carries a game with taylor hovering at 5 or so a game.
  16. Just offered for Larry Johnson

    i would still say no, unless he is willing to part with either westbrook or DD then you leave yourself very unstable at rb? also wayne and branch are good starts but after them its a crap shoot , if he is desperate for the priest/larry combo then offer johnson/lelie for DD/smith. the ball is in your court, you have what he wants and he really tried to lowball you with the first offer , aim high and see if they jump.
  17. Just offered for Larry Johnson

    no, you will be losing this trade if you are getting moulds and duckett.
  18. I got 30 minutes please help!

    i've looked on, the redskins website and usa today injury reports and there is not one mention of portis not playing? do you have a specific link from
  19. Al MacInnis is retiring

    or decided that playing for the league minimum in a place like nashville because there previous teams cant afford them.was not worth it. and if i recall , macinnis was hurt the last time we saw hockey.
  20. Dallas Clark info.... he is not listed on the colts injury report or on usa todays website either
  21. Player you absolutely hate.

  22. Rating 1-10 How is my team?

    , this team is not very good. just curious was this a keeper league, or a 14 man league?
  23. Delhomme or Hasselbeck

    to completly contradict what i answered in a previous post that include these two, i would start delhomme vs the saints. (the other post had leftwich also as a choice)
  24. decision time

    i've done mock after mock trying to figure out who will be available for my first pick, 8th overall, and i keep coming back to either c-mart, b.westbrook or cadilliac, and i cant decide. our league awards 1 point for every 10 yards rush/rec. 6 points for a td no extra points for receptions, we start 1 qb,2rbs,2wrs,1te,1k,1def, my keepers were j.lewis and c-pep, any and all help is much appreciated. thanks.
  25. decision time

    i expect j.jones to be the number one pick, this league i'm in is filled with fantasy fanatics so there is very little hope someone will take mike anderson or steven davis early, every way i rolled the dice it came up one of these three. thanks though i apprecate the info.